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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Turn Down For What Weekend | With Brad & Nic

All I keep thinking is dammit, I should have got some video of this weekend! But there seriously was no time for that. But I did get plenty pics, so sharing a few here!

My mate, Brad Jay who is a local television presenter, model, gym instructor, clothing brand owner and awesome friend booked his flight to come stay with us a few weeks ago and flew down to Cape Town this weekend! It was literally a Cape Town takeover! The three boys taking over Cape Town that is!

From doing all the 'outdoorsie' things like hiking, beaching, gymming on the Seapoint promenade and taking long walks to hitting the clubs such as Coco's, Caprice, Jade, Orphanage, The Grand and more we had loads of Instagram pics to take! The highlight of the weekend was having my mate down and making so many good memories!

I have to admit though, Lionshead was quite a challenge for me, but I made it down alive with Brad and Nic pushing me!

The weekend was filled with laughs and moments that you just want to hold onto forever! Which I will be doing :0) Looking forward to reuniting with my mate in December!

Check out the pics below :0)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Tyrone Nell & Nic During's first photo-shoot together!

Recently I had a shoot lined up with Cape Town based stylist Jade Campbell, photographer Lauren Fletcher and makeup artist, Bianca Comer who I had never worked with before, I was really excited about shooting with fresh talent again. After chatting to them for a while I had the idea of getting Nic involved, I thought it was a great opportunity for him to try something that he had not done before and then also for us to get some shots together.

Nic is quite content with studying to be a CA, but nonetheless, it was something fun for us to do together and for him to experience, so he jumped on board.

The location we used was the beautiful, Glen Boutique Hotel. Nic set aside most of his morning to shoot with me and then he had to head off and go and do some more studying while I carried on shooting. 

Hope you guys enjoy some of the shots below and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter :0) Also check out the pages of the amazing peeps we worked with!

Stylist: Jade Campbell
Photographer: Lauren Fletcher
Makeup: Bianca Comer

Lightly Sparkled Launch With 4th Street Wine in Cape Town

This past weekend Nic and myself popped by the 4th Street, lightly sparkled launch that was held at the East City Studios in Cape Town. The PR agency, GirlAbout Town did a fantastic job at hosting and entertaining guests such as celebrity photographer Denzil Jacobs, Clouds Drummond from the andlollipops blog, pro surfer turned model Roxy Louw, Frank Muggeridge, producer Matthew Hallett, fashion blogger Jasna Zellerhoff from Fashion Jazz and television and radio presenter Kia Johnson for the evening.

With a 1950s inspired glamour theme, think polka dots, head bands, mini skirts with an added dash of 4th street’s signature pink and throw in some jazz and swing music, the evening most certainly topped my weekend.

The first time I got to have a glass of 4th Street wine was at the Grape Day Out event, recently held in Stellenbosch, however the ‘lightly sparkled’ range had not yet been launched. We literally purchased 6 bottles of wine, the sweet red, sweet rose and sweet white.

Admittedly, I don’t fall into the brand’s target market, however I can see why the brand’s fun, flirtatious and ‘girly’ identity appeals to the young female millennial consumer. With that said, I do prefer the sparkled range to the still range, the bubbles tend to diffuse the sweetness of the wine, which allows the taste to gently settle on ones taste buds.

Guests were entertained by the new retro band, 'ShoowopShop' formed by Flash Republic’s, Tamara Dey, with Mariechan Luiters and Melissa Allison. We even managed to sneak in a couple of selfies with my new selfiestick!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Those Sweet Moments...

I have been in Cape Town now since November 2013 and the main reason for my move from Johannesburg was for change, obviously but also to be in a more happier place. I did not know what Cape Town would bring when I did move and it was a risk that I took, I did not know if it would bring me happiness or not.

One thing that I am good at is ruffling things up and moving to places that I have never lived before and where I know just about no one. And don't get me wrong, I always have a little bit of fear when making these decisions, but I think the strength in doing so comes from a childhood of moving around the country a lot.

Having attended 2 primary schools and 4 different high schools, I had to learn how to adapt and make new friends quickly. Well, this is something I never mastered at school, but eventually did in my adulthood.

So with that said, my move to Cape Town has brought me many moments of smiles and one thing is for certain, I am more happy here than I have ever been. Its not just the mountain, or being close to the ocean or closer to family but also because of myself! I chose to make things work, and I guess this is something that just comes naturally.

Many of my friends would probably vouch for the fact that I always make big decisions on the spur of the moment, after all I am a firm believer in grabbing the bull by the horns!

Anyway, there have been many sweet moments in Cape Town and the one sweet moment that is never ending is love. Now that might sound cheesy, but so what!

This love that I have come across is one that I treasure and am so grateful for. Someone that I never knew literally just walked into my life and made things seem or not even seem, they just made things better. This guy is like my brother, not in an insest way! Just saying! Wait, let me rather say he is like my best friend, or better yet, he is like my brother, my best friend and partner all in one.

Together we have had many adventures, he has shown me how to live a little with keeping your head screwed on and even though he is a little younger than me he has taught me a lot about life.

All I want to say is thank you, and that I love you and that I am happy with you :0) You make me smile every day and you pick me up and show me the way when I get lost. You are an amazing soul that is loved by so many others. You care, you are kind and you love back. That is all I have ever wanted. I am proud to call you my boyfriend. x

Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Cape Town | July 2014

This week Cape Town will be bustling and hustling with designers, models and fashionistas as the latest trends are showcased at Africa Fashion International's Mercedez Benz Fashion Week.

The one thing I really dig about Fashion Week, besides having to take to the ramp for local designers is that everyone gets dressed up and there is always a feeling of excitement, class and glamour that hangs in the air. What I also like is that for some reason, all the judging and critiquing gets put aside, yeah you check out and rate whatever someone is wearing, it is fashion week after all, but as the fashionistas come out in their masses wearing just about what ever they want there really is not room to judge. Everyone can just really be themselves.

Anyway, this year's theme is Creative Freedom to celebrate the World Design Capital 2014. Shows will run from the 24th to the 26th of July 2014 at the Cape Town Convention Centre. Shows will feature local designers such as Gavin Rajah, KLK CDGT, Stefania Morland, Fabiani and Craig Port as well as some really cool newcomers.

For tickets and a complete schedule check out Cape Town Magazine.