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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Chances of me flying to Johannesburg for the crowning of Mr and Miss legends on the 25th are pretty good, and this is something to get excited about… I have not been there for a while now and it will be awesome to see every one again.
Unfortunately the trip will be short spent as I cannot get off work on the Friday, and I need to be back in Durban on the Saturday for another event!

Argh! It is still raining here and I am starting to think that me wanting the beach so desperately has something to do with it! You know, Murphy’s law… I am actually contemplating going to the beach after work today no matter what the weather is like, but, that would just be stupid as I would probably end up with the flu which would not be good for the shoot on Saturday… *Ty Reconsiders*

My mom sends me the cutest video of my new born baby brother, check this out:

I have only seen him once since his birth. He is adorable, I certainly am going to make an effort to visit them sometime! SOON! I miss my family, my mom and sister and dad live in Struisbaai, which is quite a while from me, so it makes it difficult to see them. My sister is the cutest little girl too, she will grow up to be a stunner!

Looking forward to the gym tonight, we are trying out a new one this evening, hopefully it is not as busy as our current gym, it is not nice having to wait for equipment. One day we will have a gym at home…

*And Ty dreams on*

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