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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Make Over Shoot – Corrupt 2009

So, shortly after the first Corrupt shoot I was advised to cut my hair, get a new style and color it darker… hmmm, this was a scary thought for me as my long blonde hair had almost become a comfort blanket, literally! It was getting way too long.

Kevern Daye, a very well acquainted hairstylist worked his magic and created a style which I fell in love with straight away! It opened my face and my eyes were more visible which I am told is one of my main assets and I also gained some more self confidence!

A shoot was dedicated to the makeover which was published in the latest issue of Gay Pages and made front cover.

It was an early Saturday morning, quite a cold morning and I headed to Kevern, the stylist to get my hair done, straight after that I rushed to the location.
For this shoot we were using the early morning sun, which there was not a lot of, but the cloud cover worked in our favor.

The Location: Durban’s Umhlanga beach, the one just before the nudist beach.
Photographer: Ryan Stewart
Stylist: Kevern Daye
Model: Tyrone Nell

A spot well chosen on the beach, it was quite private, not too many people were around at that time of the morning anyway, but for the odd person or couple walking their dogs I am sure it was quite a site for them.

We set up for the shoot and I changed into my first pair of underwear, I had to wrap a towel around my waist to cover up and while putting the underwear on I had to ensure that the towel would not drop. I would not mind, but I think the grandmother with her dog would.

A couple of great shots were captured on the sand, I was giving off natural poses and doing very well. I was very comfortable in my skin on this day, especially given that it was my first shoot with my new hairstyle. I was excited to see how it would come across on camera.

We eventually did a couple of shots in the waves, FREEEEZING! A models job is not always the most comfortable job… Anyhow, I managed, but we did not use any of the wave shots as the lighting was not rite, so I froze for nothing?? Moving on swiftly….

We moved a little bit more to a public area, it was the best area where we could shoot with rocks, a couple of families were around, and we had the holiday houses and flats rite behind us looking down at us and a public pathway which was a level higher than us. It was early morning still so not a lot of people were about.

I once again changed and got onto the rocks and Ryan started snapping away, once again capturing some really nice shots! Some kids started playing around us on the rocks, not in the way of the camera, but quite a distraction, eventually they were moving into harms way and before we knew it one of the kids was about to be taken out by a wave, the mother was sitting quite a distance away not knowing about all of this and it appeared as if she was not worried either. Anyway, Ty to the rescue, I grabbed the kid just in time and took him back to shore, out of harms way and asked them not to play on the rocks… I have always wanted to be a lifeguard deep down…

So carrying on with the shoot, a couple of minutes later on I look up to where the pathway is and the holiday flats which are raised above that and a whole crowed had gathered, I did not mind it at all and was kind of cool… One guy taking out his video camera.

We ended the shoot, I was in shivers by this point because of the cold weather and this started to show in the shots, so we wrapped it up for the day and called it a very successful day!



  1. The new hairstyle is MOST becoming....it suits you in every way. I LOVE IT !

    With Love and Light,
    As Ever,

  2. You look gorgeous