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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Yesterday evening I had a mild evening at the gym, I was not able to push myself too hard because of my hand and I was not able to train triceps, so I stuck with Chest and Jared went on to train Triceps. We got home after gym, sat down for dinner and got ready for bed, and boy was I ready for bed! We are use to our early nights where we are usually in bed by 9pm, but this is proving more difficult now because of Jared working late and us only getting to the gym after 7pm.

I fell asleep quite easily, but had the strangest dream, and so real… it actually felt like it had happened before. It was a nightmare and I woke up at the end of the dream, you know, when the worst part is about to happen, and I was out of breath. I had Jared by my side consoling me.

The dream disrupted my sleep for the rest of the early morning hours which was not ideal, I went back into a light sleep and got up for work just after 6am.

It is raining here today, lovely cold weather, but, I still look forward to those hot summer days… You know how much I love the beach.

Tomorrow is also a public holiday here, National heritage day, or Braai day. So it is like a mini Friday today. This evening we are going for cocktails at Blue Taboo, a lovely Salon here in Durban North and tomorrow we are just going to chill out, gym and take it easy.

Oh yeah! I get to see the photos from Saturdays shoot tomorrow! : -)

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