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Friday, September 18, 2009


In South Africa I have come to realize that a lot of people celebrate Puza Thursday, I was totally oblivious to this and always just thought that people called it Puza Thursday for the fun of it…

Puza Thursday is a term to describe Thursday; as in just passed the half way mark for the week, a day before the weekend starts and to celebrate it in true Puza style and drink! The ladies and sometimes guys who do this well are sometimes referred to as The Puza Queens!

In my mind the party responsible for starting Puza Thursday is our local radio station, 5FM presented by Gareth Cliff who I am sure has something to do with it all!

Anyway, so yesterday evening, being Puza Thursday Jared and I stopped by a salon in Durban North before heading to a new gym we were going to try out and to my amazement the salon was still going at 8pm and they were celebrating Puza Thursday properly! I still thought to myself: “Now that is the spirit!”. I do not know if I would want to be in the hot seat on a Thursday evening though… hm, but, they still pulled off some great styling!

We headed to the La Lucia Gym, it was already quite late, actually and hour before they were closing. The gym was empty and we could fly thru our sets without interruption, I also had a chance to hop onto the internet stations and go thru a couple of face book messages after our workout.

One thing that I am sure to try out at this gym is the Spa, it looks like they have a lot to offer… Hmmm, Massage here I come.

On our way home, Jared and I were chatting and he was not too focused on the road, he skipped some traffic lights which were out, then was so startled by that that he stopped at the green lights and when they turned red he decided to go and then the next set directly afterwards were red and he skipped those too! I was in hysterics! This is not the first time that this has happened though, just a while ago he stopped at a stop street and waited for a green light!

Jared always says that he writes the silly things I say and the words I come up with which have no meaning or make no sense in a book, well this is certainly something to add to mine!

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