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Monday, October 26, 2009

What a wonderful relaxed weekend!

This weekend which has passed was one of the most relaxed ones I have had in ages! It was really needed and has certainly paid off.
I feel energized and ready for this week ahead! I also had the chance now to reflect on many things going on in my life… and things look clearer.

Anyhow, we started off with the plan of servicing my car on the Saturday and installing a new shower door, however, we got so relaxed that we did not do these things… instead…
Friday evening we did dinner and a movie at home, we were in bed by 9pm!
Saturday we slept in, I got up and made a lovely breakfast and then we headed out to run a few errands and then found ourselves at Sun Coast Casino beach tanning with a couple of friends. Nick, Eugene, Sam and Scott, you guys are awesome : -)
We then all split up in our different directions and I took Jared for dinner at Wilsons Wharf, we spotted one of the Microsoft Boss’s HUGE yacht, the thing looks like a cruise liner…

Sunday we headed up the coast to Bean Bag Bahia, an awesome restaurant in Umhloti, love it there and spent the afternoon having a couple of drinks and eats with some friends, Andrew! You are the most entertaining person I have ever come across and I hope to have many more laughs with you!

I then made dinner for myself, Jared and a mate Eugene, I made a chicken casserole type dish thing and if I may say so myself, it was delish! A couple of glasses of wine down the line and we hit the sack!

All in all I give my weekend a good solid 10/10!

Friday, October 23, 2009

One of the hardest weeks of my life…

This week has been a tough week. Emotionally draining and exhausting. From not knowing where I am in life, who I am and where I want to be.

The tears, sweat and blood has caused a lot of pain, but in some strange way has made me stronger, and I feel more confident about my relationship and has got me more focused on what I want to achieve.

I took a step back and took a “TY” moment and I reflected on what I have achieved, what I have in life and who I am and what I am grateful for. I reflected on everything positive that has ever happened to me, the happy times I have had in my relationship, the happy times I have had with my family…

I think we need this in our lives, we need times which forces you to reflect on what you have and what you are grateful for.

We get too caught up in our current situations, in our current everyday lives, our jobs and people around us. We forget to reflect and look back at the good things and the things we should be grateful for.

I urge you to take a moment, a ‘Mike’ moment, or a ‘John’ or ‘Mary’ moment and reflect on what you are grateful for in life. Don’t just do it once, but do it every day. Your outlook on life becomes a positive one, especially when you are down in the dumps.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Roger Saint Shoot 2009

Photographer: Ryan Stewart of RS Images
Model: Tyrone Nell
Designer: Roger Saint of Sainty Boy
Hair: Jeans Hair Salon
Lighting: Martin Grondein
Behind the Scenes: Nic Billington

The location for this shoot was at  stables in the Hillcrest area here in Durban, with rings and stables, lots of trees, sand and an old tractor, the stage was set.  With perfect sunny weather and an awesome crew we started the shoot off.

For me this shoot was going to be a little different as it involved wearing clothes! Ha! You laugh, it is the first one I have done since having the “make over” which did not involve underwear!

With a backdrop of brown hay barrels in an old shed, we started taking our first couple of shots. Nic Billington recorded the behind the scenes footage which takes you thru each scene, I am looking forward to seeing the video.

We then moved to a horse trailer and a wooden fence. This provided a beautiful backdrop of fields and horses grazing and a very different shot.

Moving down to the rings where there were a couple of horses standing around, I did not even think twice about getting closer and climbing thru the fence to get to them, with the rest of the crew following thru we soon noticed that one of the horses was not to keen on having us around. I watched my back and left the ring on the opposite side, giggling at Ryan and the rest still watching their backs.

There was this little cat following us around as well, like a dog and it was very comfortable around the horses and seem to be the aggressive horse’s best friend! We took a couple of shots with me sitting on their drinking bath’s, literally an old bath, posing alongside the cat! With the horse in the back ground, I think this was an awesome shot. : -)

We then moved to where the riders practice their jumps, and I got all down and dirty in the sand, it was quite hot, I mean the sun buggers!

We then moved to the stables at the top of the yard, which was perfect. With some riding gear on hand and an awesome backdrop inside the stables we shot some very cool shots.

All in all and as usual, I rate this shoot another 10/10 and a great addition to my portfolio!



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Positive expectancy

This week has been a good week so far. The weekend was a good one and a pretty chilled one. Of course we popped in at Traxx after the lounge on Friday evening, but for the rest of the weekend we spent some quality time together and did some work around the house.

There are many things I want to accomplish in life, many goals I have set out for myself, short term and long term and a truly believe I will accomplish these goals. There is something called positive expectancy which I am learning now at work, and although I have implemented it a little in my own life without even realizing it, I would like to focus on it a bit more.
It is the attitude you need to adopt and maintain, you must expect things to happen and your expectations must be positive.
Firstly you need to vividly imagine, imagine what it is that you want to achieve.
Secondly you must desire, with vivid imagination of your goals your desire will become more directed towards those goals
Thirdly you need to sincerely believe in your ability and worthiness to attain your goals
And fourth you must enthusiastically act, this will bring imagination, desire and belief into reality.

You must plan the action that will see your goals accomplished, making use of appropriate short range goals. You must plan for the obstacles you are to come across and see them as opportunities for creativity and as challenges to your desire and belief.

I leave you with this this week, it is something I am going to be focusing on.


Friday, October 9, 2009

An elaboration on my training routine…

Firstly I am lucky because I have a wonderful man who assists me with my training, it is always good to train in pairs to help with motivation and also to assist with the heavier weights. You do not want those heavy weights coming down on you and you will find that when you have some back up you will push heavier.

You need a goal when it comes to training, you need to know what it is that you want to get out of your training. Do you want to put on muscle or lose the fat? Do you just want to maintain what you have or do you just want to be fit? Do you want to bulk up big or trim?

My training routine might not be suitable for you, it depends on your own needs, and your own goal and then also your body type.
My goal with my training routine is to put on good muscular weight and to maintain the weight, I also want to be ripped. Then also to maintain a constant level of fitness and health.

Some basics we stick to are:
-          Use heavy weights; you need to shock the body into thinking it needs to grow.
-          We use machines as well as free weights, but free weights are better;
-          We train less than an hour a day and about 4 to 5 times a week.
-          We change our work outs, thus preventing the muscle getting use to the same training.

Always keep in mind that you actually are not building the muscle when you are training it, you are simply breaking the muscle down and preparing it to grow when you are resting. Rest is one of the most important things when it comes to your training! You need to give the muscle time to repair itself, thus building itself.

You need to push heavy weights, you need to push weights your body is not use to pushing, if you are pushing weights with ease, then it is not working. You need to overload. Your body will then start to adapt and will increase its strength to accommodate the weight, then also allowing you to break down the muscle more so that you can build more. Basically you give the body a workout it is not use to and it will respond with increase in strength.

You need and should fit in Chest, Back, Legs and arms into your weekly training program and should train these groups using free weights, gravitation makes it more intense.
Chest, Back and legs release the maximum amount of testosterone which is an anabolic hormone.

Measure yourself about every two weeks, not every day! You should measure your weight, chest, arms and waist.

It will also be good for you to add in some cardio, about three times a week or some aerobic exercises. This will increase your muscular endurance.

You can do a 3 day to a 5 day training week.
We generally train 4 days a week.

You need to start each muscle group off by doing a warm up set, or at least two warm up sets, this will be a set with very low weights.

Day 1:
Squats,                                                 3 sets of 12; 10; 8 reps to failure
Leg Press,                                            3 sets of 12; 10; 8 reps to failure
Leg curl,                                               3 sets of 12; 10; 8 reps to failure
Calf raises,                                          3 sets of 12; 10; 8 reps to failure

Day 2:
Flat Bench Press,                3 sets of 10,8 8 reps to failure
Incline Bench Press,           3 sets of 10,8 8 reps to failure
Dumbbell Flys,                   3 sets of 10,8,8 reps to failure

Barbell Shoulder Press,        3 sets of 10,8, 8 reps to failure
Lateral Raises,                   3 sets of 10,8, 8 reps to failure
Bent-over Dumbbell Laterals, 3 sets of 10,8, 8 reps to failure

Abdonimal Crunches, or leg raises or incline sit ups, 5 sets and rep to failure

Day 3:

Day 4:
Lats Pull downs,                  3 sets of 10,8, 8 reps to failure
T-Bar Rows,                      3 sets of 10,8, 8 reps to failure
Deadlifts,                          3 sets of 10,8, 8 reps to failure

Wrist Curls,                             3 sets of 10,8, 8 reps to failure
Reverse Wrist Curls,           3 sets of 10,8, 8 reps to failure

Day 5:
Standing Barbell Curls,           3 sets of 10,8, 8 reps to failure
Seated Dumbbell Curls,         3 sets of 10,8, 8 reps to failure

Bench Dips,                       3 sets to failure
Triceps Pull downs,             3 sets of 10,8, 8 reps to failure

Wrist Curls,                             3 sets of 10,8, 8 reps to failure

Abdonimal Crunches, or leg raises or incline sit ups, 5 sets and rep to failure

Day 6:

Day 7:

It is vitally important to fuel your body before your work out. Eat a mixture of high quality proteins and some simple carbohydrates 30 minutes before you hit the gym and after your workout you need to eat again. Eat a high carbohydrate, moderate protein meal within 1 hours of your workout. You must eat in the first hour after training, it is the golden hour!

Good luck to those who are working out!

Peaceful living

Written by: My good friend CZ in PE

It all begins with a choice. We simply choose to be happy and successful, then we follow it up with study, which brings in nutrition for the body and food for thought.  Naturally exercise and daily healthy routines are part of it. It really is a simple matter of choice.

There are many, many ways we can turn a bad situation into a good one.  We can turn bad days, bad weeks, months and bad years into GREAT days, weeks, months, years. We can be successful, happy, live peacefully and full of energy.

We simply choose to be happy and successful. Then we follow it up with study, which brings in nutrition for the body and food for thought.  Naturally exercise and daily healthy routines are part of it. It really is a simple matter of choice.

Whether you are living with a lover, friends, strangers or family, getting on peacefully is important. When you live on your own you don’t have to take into consideration the thoughts and feelings of others around you and you can do what you want. However, living alone can be quite lonely, and it is likely you will live with others at some point in your life.

If you are living with others, then it doesn’t have to be all arguments and fights. There are plenty of advantages to living with house mates. You have constant company, you can share work between you, and gain encouragement and support when you need it.

Of course, there are downsides too. You have to share your space with others, and your privacy can be limited. It is inevitable that you will get on each other’s nerves at some point, and disagreements will probably occur. However, this stress can be avoided and reduced if you follow a few simple tips on how to live peacefully with your house mates.

Communication is the key

The first and most important thing you need to work on when living with others is communication. Without good communication with each other, you and your house mates will argue far more. You need to take care of your responsibilities and duties within the house, and communicate with each other about the duties of others.

If you are considerate and set firm boundaries then you will all get on well. To start the process, you should talk about your needs, likes, dislikes and expectations. This will give you all an idea of what is expected and will get communication channels open. It also gives everyone the opportunity to avoid confrontations as you already have an idea of what each other likes and dislikes.

You should also discuss some rules and boundaries to follow. Things such as preparing meals, shopping, bills, cleaning and social rules should all be talked about. This way you all know the way in which you should behave to avoid problems. As long as you continually communicate and go over these ground rules from time to time should be able to live peacefully with your house mates.

In case of disputes

Despite the best of intentions, it is unlikely that you will always be able to avoid disputes with your house mates. However, there are ways you can reduce the impact and severity of these arguments. Firstly, have a schedule set out for getting ready in the morning in terms of shower and bathroom usage. Many disputes occur when people rush around trying to get to work and are stressed. If you set out rules for this in the first place then you can avoid or lessen conflicts in this area.

However, if an argument does occur, try and remember that you have to live with this person after it is over. Recognise that you are both stressed and try to diffuse the situation. If there are problems, you can discuss them later when you are both calmer rather than saying things you will both regret.

If you can learn to appreciate and respect your house mates and their differences then you will get on better. They may have different habits and routines to your own, but if you can see their good side you will avoid many arguments.

Living with others isn’t easy, but if you take the time to listen and communicate with each other about any possible problems, you will get on more peacefully and hopefully have a great time living with your house mates.

How to live life well:

1. Live life peacefully: The amount of conflict and violence in the world is appalling to say the least.  In response to this, all decent people undoubtedly want wars and hatred to end, and the first step to this is to stop contributing to the state of human violence by living peacefully ourselves.  There are deeper and wider meanings to conflict, in which "what should be" conflicts with "what is", but here it is a simpler thing - which is just to live at peace with everything and everybody around us.  That is the starting point.

Peaceful living softens the heart and teaches us how to diffuse our reactive nature so that we can become masters of our emotions.  When the winds of conflict start to stir within, if you can remember your determination to live peacefully, it will lead you to becoming conscious and awake during such tumultuous times.  Once conscious, you will be able to retain your composure and act intelligently, instead of becoming a slave to the storm of feelings conflict evokes.  This ability to witness the ways of the ego and emotions, puts you on the path to awakening.

2. Live life honestly: The road to enlightenment is a path of negation.  This is a very crucial understanding in order to make the right progress.  What this essentially means, is when all that is false is taken away, what remains is your true, non-dual, already perfect nature.  You are the substratum on which the game of life is being played out, and to encounter this timeless aspect of yourself, you need to shed all the masks you have put on.  For that your have to learn how to live life honestly.

This is not as easy as it may sound initially.  To live honestly you will have to shatter many images of yourself that you hold dear and face many aspects of who you are, which will downright appall and even disgust you.  But this cleansing, this dying of our many false selves is a necessary part of the process.  Real honestly leads to real simplicity and innocence, which is essential for walking this path to your natural self.

To work on yourself, you have to first see things as they are, even if they are a mess.  This is the first step and as your understanding deepens, you will come to realize that the way to break through is to totally accept the actuality of "what is", without any attempt to change or escape it.  A prerequisite for such action is brutal honesty.  The mind is a master at deception and the practice of honesty in all forms is the beginning of clarity.

3. Live life with order: One great advantage that monks and yogis have when they live in an ashram or monastery, is that their lives have great order.  This structured living then helps them establish internal order and helps them establish a strong spiritual practice.  So try to adopt some of these aspects into your life as well and therefore benefit from such structure as the monks and yogis do.

The more such order emerges from your passion and your practice the more natural and effective it will be.  Allow your practice to thus shape your life and structure your days so that you can move forward systematically and gracefully.  Generally, you will find setting up a consistent time for your practice, waking up early, getting proper exercise, eating healthy, spending time in nature and other such wholesome activities becoming a natural part of your life as you progress.

Small things you do will matter also.  Cleanliness, simplicity, balance, promptness, diligence, thoughtfulness will all start to emerge as you put your life in order.  Also, order does not mean an absence of spontaneity.  Being simple and making time for leisure will promote spontaneity, as will living in the moment, with honesty.  So start to organize yourself and your time and get your life in order.  You will be pleasantly surprised by how much this will help you in your personal as well as spiritual growth.

So how to live life in order to begin the great adventure to enlightenment?  Live peacefully, honestly and with great order, and surely you will find yourself on the path to awakening and self-realization.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I need to get this off my chest today!

To the three guys on the M4 traveling from Durban to Durban North this morning, you guys are the biggest idiots and next time you knock on my window I will knock on your head! Not only did you put my life at danger, but you put every other person’s life in danger in the vicinity you were driving in.

You guys were swerving thru the traffic, speeding up and then slowing down, taking over in the yellow lane and almost bringing some cars to complete standstill because of your idiotic behavior! To the guy that swerved in between my car and the car next to me and nearly ending up on my front wheel, that is your own stupid fault! Then to your mate who drove rite up to my car after this and knocks on my window because I now must be careful and watch my driving, I was concerned for your safety, once again because of you and your mates stupid  and idiotic behavior! No brains I tell you!

Seriously people! Start using the roads more responsibly! Think logically when making decisions! Don’t be so dumb!

What I experience this morning was the driving of three dumb men! Probably on an ego trip, an ego trip which could have put quite a few people in hospital! THINK MAN!

Anyhow, I needed to get that off my chest.
*Now Ty will have a jolly good day and walk off like he does in the pic*

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have always dreamt of being a host on a television show or acting out in a very well known soap or a major movie.

When in standard 5, or grade 7 rather, I took a slight interest into modeling and started attending modeling classes. I was based in a very small town and there were zero opportunities really, these classes did not last long either and eventually I left when I moved town.

In Matric, my final year of school, I landed a spot on a local soap opera as an extra, this was a big deal for me and was very exciting and it ignited something inside me, from this point on I started chasing a dream.

I went over to London for 8 months after school. While working in London I did a lot of research on the industry and saw agencies and people involved in the industry, I did not yet feel ready to go into modeling and I was not self confident at all, so I dreamt on… I did see the opportunity though and saw that modeling could be a stepping stone into television.

While in London I saw a couple of agencies, did a couple of small shoots and very quickly realized that the industry is full of sharks and you really had to know what you were doing in order to survive. Small time agencies and modeling schools are the ones most likely to take you for a ride.

I returned to Pretoria, South Africa and started varsity, at the same time I went to see O models Africa who referred me to 3D models in Johannesburg and this is where it all started for me. I was very dedicated to the agency and saw them at least 3 times a week and I went to every casting that was passed my way. Each casting was a learning experience, each casting I attended I made the most of and spoke to as many people as possible, to get more insight into the industry and how it all works. Although I landed some big jobs which included television adds, fashion shows and editorial shoots, it did not feel like it was all going good, but I persisted. I also maintained a strict training program at the gym, but it was not working for me and I knew there was a lot that I needed to do to improve myself, and this included a change in my confidence!

I moved down to Durban about a year or so later and then started to freelance, which was good for me and I have picked up a lot of experience and knowledge in the industry. I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of people who are very involved in the industry and meet other models. With this being said I also improved on my body and in turn my confidence grew. Remember, there is a difference between confidence and vanity.

Sadly models are never open about their careers, and can be quite selfish in that respect, so not a lot of knowledge was gained from them, however, I thank the few which have assisted me in the past.

My journey is still not over though, I am still looking at making it big, and I know one day I will. The next step is signing with an international firm in Cape Town this month and then letting them run with me. It is an exciting journey, a tough one but well worth it.

It is my stepping stone to many greater things!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The weekend has come and gone…

Friday afternoon came and I was a little bummed that I was not going to make JHB Pride with my mates, as far as I hear it went down very well and Johannesburg has made us proud.

My weekend started out on Friday evening, a nice chilled dinner and then ended off at Traxx nightclub which for a Friday evening was buzzing here in Durban, headed off to Moyo at Ushaka for cocktails with some awesome friends, was great seeing Anastasia, Sheldon, Shane and Octo again, we rocked the bar… : -) The music was great…

I needed to get some rest before the next party started on Saturday evening, so Jared and I headed home to chill and catch up on some sleep…

Woke up just in time to then head out to the Lounge for their Feathers and Leathers party which was really good. The music was great, the vibe was great and the people were great!

Of course our weekend does not end there and we head thru to Traxx later that evening and put on a little boogey and then that was me done for the weekend!

Sunday was spent watching DVD’s, we got the promotion and honestly it was less than expected… it was quite a boring movie, the trailers looked good though.

All in all I give our weekend a 10/10, well worth it. This week it is back to the gym and back to work!

Watch out for my next video blog tomorrow, will be sure to do a bit of recording this evening!

Hugz guys!

Friday, October 2, 2009

And the weekend is once again nearly upon us!

Firstly to the guys in Johannesburg celebrating JHB Pride this weekend, hope you guys have loads of fun! I am sure you will, and take it easy and play it safe as I always say.

Unfortunately I am not able to make it this year due to work commitments, but, I will be here in DBN, kind of celebrating my Pride at the Lounge on Saturday evening. Myself and my boy are being body painted for the launch of a new product, not too sure what product, I think it has something to do with Tommy Hilfiger, so should be fun!

Other than that, this weekend we will be taking it easy, the last few weekends we have had party after party, so I am hoping to catch some sun this weekend and just spend it chilling and relaxing and doing nothing!

Will also be spending lots of time in the gym and getting ready for the Mr. Gay South Africa Competition.

Remember to cast your votes! SMS “GSA Tyrone Nell” To 35215 : -) I really appreciate every one’s support thus far.

Then to the people who will be partying it up at H2O this weekend, you guys have an awesome time too! Also take it easy, play it safe and have plenty fun!

Anyhow, I will be posting another video blog soon next week, it is actually really fun recording. Glad you guys liked the previous one!

And keep an eye out for my latest shoot pics! Behind the scene video coming soon!