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Friday, October 2, 2009

And the weekend is once again nearly upon us!

Firstly to the guys in Johannesburg celebrating JHB Pride this weekend, hope you guys have loads of fun! I am sure you will, and take it easy and play it safe as I always say.

Unfortunately I am not able to make it this year due to work commitments, but, I will be here in DBN, kind of celebrating my Pride at the Lounge on Saturday evening. Myself and my boy are being body painted for the launch of a new product, not too sure what product, I think it has something to do with Tommy Hilfiger, so should be fun!

Other than that, this weekend we will be taking it easy, the last few weekends we have had party after party, so I am hoping to catch some sun this weekend and just spend it chilling and relaxing and doing nothing!

Will also be spending lots of time in the gym and getting ready for the Mr. Gay South Africa Competition.

Remember to cast your votes! SMS “GSA Tyrone Nell” To 35215 : -) I really appreciate every one’s support thus far.

Then to the people who will be partying it up at H2O this weekend, you guys have an awesome time too! Also take it easy, play it safe and have plenty fun!

Anyhow, I will be posting another video blog soon next week, it is actually really fun recording. Glad you guys liked the previous one!

And keep an eye out for my latest shoot pics! Behind the scene video coming soon!


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  1. Also desided to stay in PE.... also taking it slow this year...LOL.... Did Vote for you good luck

    Cheers Andries