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Thursday, October 8, 2009

I need to get this off my chest today!

To the three guys on the M4 traveling from Durban to Durban North this morning, you guys are the biggest idiots and next time you knock on my window I will knock on your head! Not only did you put my life at danger, but you put every other person’s life in danger in the vicinity you were driving in.

You guys were swerving thru the traffic, speeding up and then slowing down, taking over in the yellow lane and almost bringing some cars to complete standstill because of your idiotic behavior! To the guy that swerved in between my car and the car next to me and nearly ending up on my front wheel, that is your own stupid fault! Then to your mate who drove rite up to my car after this and knocks on my window because I now must be careful and watch my driving, I was concerned for your safety, once again because of you and your mates stupid  and idiotic behavior! No brains I tell you!

Seriously people! Start using the roads more responsibly! Think logically when making decisions! Don’t be so dumb!

What I experience this morning was the driving of three dumb men! Probably on an ego trip, an ego trip which could have put quite a few people in hospital! THINK MAN!

Anyhow, I needed to get that off my chest.
*Now Ty will have a jolly good day and walk off like he does in the pic*


  1. I have that here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, usa, people that don't give a dam about their lives or others, glad you got that off your chest, you don't need anything extra there.... except me, lol drew in Milwaukee

  2. I wouldnt have moved if I were you. Would have let them knock my car, not only would they have gotten hurt (which in my opinion they deserve for driving like idiots) but would also have to pay for the damages on your car!! :)

  3. Ok Shawne, that is just stupid. Not only does that mean damage to the idiots and the cars, but could have also hurt Tyrone and any number of other people that would have been involved in the accident.

    Tyrone, First off, I'm glad you're ok. I share your frustrations. I have ran into and seen the same type of thing happen over and over. Doesn't happen so much here in Indiana, but when I lived in the Fort Lauderdale / Miami area, I saw it all the time. That is when I put 911 on speed dial and started reporting the idiots.

  4. Well, if they dont wanna move, its not our problem, although I am with you to the point of innocent people getting hurt. This happens often in SA, and even though its reported nothing is done about it, hence my comment. Just wish there was another way to make them feel without the innocent people getting hurt!