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Friday, October 16, 2009

Roger Saint Shoot 2009

Photographer: Ryan Stewart of RS Images
Model: Tyrone Nell
Designer: Roger Saint of Sainty Boy
Hair: Jeans Hair Salon
Lighting: Martin Grondein
Behind the Scenes: Nic Billington

The location for this shoot was at  stables in the Hillcrest area here in Durban, with rings and stables, lots of trees, sand and an old tractor, the stage was set.  With perfect sunny weather and an awesome crew we started the shoot off.

For me this shoot was going to be a little different as it involved wearing clothes! Ha! You laugh, it is the first one I have done since having the “make over” which did not involve underwear!

With a backdrop of brown hay barrels in an old shed, we started taking our first couple of shots. Nic Billington recorded the behind the scenes footage which takes you thru each scene, I am looking forward to seeing the video.

We then moved to a horse trailer and a wooden fence. This provided a beautiful backdrop of fields and horses grazing and a very different shot.

Moving down to the rings where there were a couple of horses standing around, I did not even think twice about getting closer and climbing thru the fence to get to them, with the rest of the crew following thru we soon noticed that one of the horses was not to keen on having us around. I watched my back and left the ring on the opposite side, giggling at Ryan and the rest still watching their backs.

There was this little cat following us around as well, like a dog and it was very comfortable around the horses and seem to be the aggressive horse’s best friend! We took a couple of shots with me sitting on their drinking bath’s, literally an old bath, posing alongside the cat! With the horse in the back ground, I think this was an awesome shot. : -)

We then moved to where the riders practice their jumps, and I got all down and dirty in the sand, it was quite hot, I mean the sun buggers!

We then moved to the stables at the top of the yard, which was perfect. With some riding gear on hand and an awesome backdrop inside the stables we shot some very cool shots.

All in all and as usual, I rate this shoot another 10/10 and a great addition to my portfolio!