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Monday, October 5, 2009

The weekend has come and gone…

Friday afternoon came and I was a little bummed that I was not going to make JHB Pride with my mates, as far as I hear it went down very well and Johannesburg has made us proud.

My weekend started out on Friday evening, a nice chilled dinner and then ended off at Traxx nightclub which for a Friday evening was buzzing here in Durban, headed off to Moyo at Ushaka for cocktails with some awesome friends, was great seeing Anastasia, Sheldon, Shane and Octo again, we rocked the bar… : -) The music was great…

I needed to get some rest before the next party started on Saturday evening, so Jared and I headed home to chill and catch up on some sleep…

Woke up just in time to then head out to the Lounge for their Feathers and Leathers party which was really good. The music was great, the vibe was great and the people were great!

Of course our weekend does not end there and we head thru to Traxx later that evening and put on a little boogey and then that was me done for the weekend!

Sunday was spent watching DVD’s, we got the promotion and honestly it was less than expected… it was quite a boring movie, the trailers looked good though.

All in all I give our weekend a 10/10, well worth it. This week it is back to the gym and back to work!

Watch out for my next video blog tomorrow, will be sure to do a bit of recording this evening!

Hugz guys!

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