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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lotto fun…

We are all allowed to dream…

If I won the lotto, I would have a lot of fun, wouldn’t we all want to though? 
Endless holidays and fun in the sun all year around. I would of course invest a huge portion of the capital so that I can live off the interest to maintain this newly acquired lifestyle.

Just imagine, from the city holidays where the shopping and partying never ends to coastal holidays where you just laze around bathing in the sun and spending hours in the spas.
I would spoil the people around me, ensure that they all benefit from these holidays too. : -)
Boredom will not get the better of me, and this I will make sure of… Whoever the person might be booking the holidays will have strict instruction not to have any of the same, each holiday a total different experience!

I would spend some of the money on a house or two, a car or two, but I see no need for over indulging in that… Maybe spoil some close family and friends with some new wheels! I would love to put endless smiles on their faces.

On a serious note I have a soft spot for animals, and I would invest in our wildlife funds.

There is of course plenty more to do, more than what I can think of and I am sure that in due time I would have an endless list of things I would want to do.

Okay, so back to reality…

This evening after a good session at the gym we are heading off to attend the opening of a new club called 604 in Pietermaritzburg, two close friends of ours will be on the decks. It will be an early night though as I am off car hunting tomorrow, STILL! If only I could win the lotto… I also plan on spending some time on the beach and in the shops, Christmas shopping here I come!

I have signed up with Club Republic, a promotions agency and will be doing some promoting for British American Tobacco over the weekend, Saturday night at Bean Bag Bohemia.
Oh yeah, and having my hair done Saturday afternoon, it needs a trim...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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