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Friday, December 31, 2010


As I step into 2011 this evening, I leave a year of happy, sad and excited moments behind.

The promises I made to myself at the end of 2009 I fulfilled, I strived to achieve each goal and to do what I said I would do.

From taking a step in my personal life, which was needed and to taking steps towards building a new career, I have done it and I am satisfied that I have lived 2010 to its full potential.

I have moved house, met new people, made a life changing decision to study something I am passionate about and have once again moved cities to accommodate the decision, all to benefit me in 2011.

Some moments which highlight my year are moments spent with true friends and family, having the support by the ones who believe in me and the choices I have made.

In 2011 I will strive to be the best I can be, to be pro active in the decisions I make and to make decisions which will benefit me in 2012.

Happy New Year to you all and may the year be filled with joyous moments which will be for the betterment of your lives.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Range Rover Evoque launch at the Sandton's Radisson hotel December

My mate Wayne Buckley and I popped in at Sandton's Radisson hotel to check out the launch of the new Range Rover Evoque this past Wednesday.

It was evident that this was a launch for Land Rover as there were quite a few of these vehicles parked outside of the hotel. Inside they had done an amazing job with sound and lighting, which was quite pink I must add. With drinks and snacks making the rounds among the guests it sure turned into a fun evening.

The centre of attraction was the new Range Rover Evoque. It would have been great to see the physical vehicle but guests had to make do with a life-size wire model of the vehicle painted pink and images of the SUV scrolling across the plasma screens. The wire car was rumored to have cost 250K to have had made, but I am not buying into that.

Apparently this vehicle is the smallest and most fuel- efficient SUV ever to be launched by the British brand and Victoria Beckham played a lead role in designing the interior. I think the vehicle is definitely targeted to the female market, which explained all the pink that evening.

With guests such as socialite Edith Venter and Hlubi Mboya, best known for her role as HIV positive Nandipha in the hugely popular daily soap, Isidingo, Craig Jacobs, brainchild behind local Eco fashion brand, Fundudzi and Siphiwe Mpye, Deputy Editor of GQ Magazine it was clear that the launch of this SUV was a big thing.

Later that evening some guests including Wayne and myself made our way up to the all exclusive ZAR nightclub for a little bit of a jiggle, I must add, ZAR has the most amazing views of the golden city, Johannesburg.
All in all I give my evening a 10 out of 10 and a big well done to Land Rover on their new Range Rover baby!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

From Durban to Cape Town and now Johannesburg...

I took a look back at some of my pictures on FB, my tagged ones and pictures in my folders, especially the Durban ones with my Durban mates and geez! Some amazing memories were created.

From the first day I set foot in Durban to the day I departed for the Cape, every day will remain an unforgettable day.

I must admit I got a little bit emotional looking back at some amazing times, times I would not mind reliving.

Cape Town was a great pit stop after Struisbaai and before heading to JHB. I spent my days either traveling around with mates or just lazing about in the Sun. I also finally got the chance to meet my half-sister who I have never met before, she is my age and an amazing person, we had plenty fun out and about.

From St Yves to Fez and Bronx, we had plenty fun. Chilling on Clifton with some of my Durban mates and also making some new Cape Town mates, all in all it was a great Holiday.

Since being in Johannesburg it has also been none stop, from shoots to some filming and spending time with friends at the ultra-cool Zar night club, finally today I have the chance just to chill in the sun by the pool with family.

There is still plenty to do here before I am fully set up, like buying the new car, finding a nice apartment close to studies etc etc…

Anyhow, all will happen in time. For now I am just grateful that my family are willing to accommodate me over the December period.

Lotsa love!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Struisbaai's calling...

So I have arrived in Struisbaai, it is about 2.5 hours outside of Cape Town, it is a very small town and most people don't even know that it exists.

My parents decided to move here about a year and a half ago and have opened a restaurant/ bar here called beach bums which I believe will pump during holiday season.

It has been nice seeing my Mom, sister and baby bro, both of them have grown up so much!

I am pretty much going to be taking it easy while here, not too sure how long I am going to stay, but yeah, the beach has my name written on it :)

The beaches are actually beautiful! Sky blue oceans and white white sand, I am just waiting for a good day to take a loooong walk on the beach.

I discovered the towns local gym, its not much, but will do for now.

After Struisbaai I am off to Cape Town to see some family and friends, also to meet a half sister who I have never met before, she is my age, quite excited about that.

All in all it should be a good holiday, it has been a great start!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chillaxing and saying the goodbyes...

With my move and everything that is going on I have taken some time to sort out a few things and spend some time saying goodbye to friends and people I have met over the last few years in Durban.

My days have been super chilled, sticking to my training routine and just mulling around the house really, with that little bit of excitement building up inside me.

Last night I had a very intimate dinner with some close mates at a beautiful restaurant called Marco Polo at Mount Edgcomb estate, the food was amazing! It did take a while to reach our table, however it was definitely worth the wait.

One of my favorite hangouts here in Durban is Luna Rossa at Gateway, just to sit on the couches, feet up and drink in hand and chat and catch up with mates is always a perfect way to either end an afternoon or start an evening.
My hubbly has also been keeping me entertained I must just add. I have never been a smoker, and will never be a smoker, but a hubbly I will light anytime, if I could invent a portable one I would!

This Saturday evening is my farewell which I am looking forward to, I have invited everyone who I have met over the last few years and it is going to be the perfect evening to say my goodbyes before I jet off the weekend after.

It has been a great few years, and here is to many more J

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun times....

I have had such a cool week so far, besides the weather acting up and not deciding on what exactly it wants to do with itself, everything else has been good.

I took up the opportunity this weekend to check out the horse yards up in Shongweni, horses are beautiful creatures and I am definitely going to start riding again once I am settled in Johannesburg, it should keep me busy and out of trouble.

On Monday evening I was treated to an awesome dinner at The Olive and Oil restaurant in the Umhlanga village, the dinner was amazing except for the calamari starter! My mate Dave ordered it and I laughed at the portion! Don’t you just hate it when you have fails like that at a restaurant. I really really wanted to have a hubbly after dinner, it is my most favorite thing to do, to chill with a drink and a hub! So we ventured to Cuba Lounge with a couple of other mates and got one… Pretty cool and chilled.

The plans for New York are coming along nicely, with me departing on the 30th of November and arriving back in South Africa on the 13th of December just in time for my birthday on the 16th December. I am certainly in for a good time.

I am super stoked about this week, it is my last week in the office here in Umhlanga, it marks a new beginning for me. After this week I will be spending two weeks getting all my things sorted for my move to JHB.

Ah yes! Before I forget again! I have entered the Face of Markham competition, I just need to be kept in the top 10 of the comp. Then after the 16th of November it is up to the judges to choose their winner. It is worth a try, I am not exactly sure what they are looking for.

But please cast your vote to keep me in the top 10.
You can vote by selecting this link!


Thanx to those who have already voted :)

Fun times!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dirty Toilet Sex Music Party - Origin Sat 2nd Oct


I thought I would share some pics which were sent to me today, they were taken at the “Dirty Toilet Sex Music” party held at club Origin a while ago. Myself and a few mates attended the party and so much of fun was had. In the picture with the three guys it is Dave, Tyron Mason and myself.

These pics were taken in an actual toilet booth they had set up at the entrance of the club, and no, it was not a real flushing toilet, but it did look real!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Aaaah, and Friday has finally arrived! TGIF!

Aaaah, and Friday has finally arrived! TGIF!

This week has been such a long week actually, with my time in Durban coming to an end and with me literally counting down the days until I head off to The Big Apple, you could imagine how time must be dragging on for me. Anyhow, not much longer now and I will be climbing the Empire state building and roaming the clubs and streets of New York, looking so forward to checking out the nightlife, I mean come on! It is me… J

This weekend is going to be a particularly chilled weekend, however it is my housemates Sam’s 21st birthday! Unfortunately I will not be making the festivities and will be spending the weekend up in the Hills again playing tennis, smoking hubbly, lounging by the pool and will most likely hit the gym and/ or head out for a run…

Today also marks the last day I have to train with my gym partner Sean, he heads off to PE and back to Botswana this weekend! It has been awesome training with him as I have been pushing myself harder and the advice he has given has gone a long way. I will most likely be keeping it up and we will get back in the gym together in the new year in Johannesburg.

Seen here is a pic taken from behind the scenes from the shoot I did two weekends ago with Ryan Stewart, more to follow :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I know there are plenty of parties happening in Durban this weekend, so play it safe guys ;-)


Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Crouching Tiger...

I was asked a couple of days back to pose for Zee to turn me into a Cat. I thought cool, let’s do it J I am always up for doing interesting, fun and different things.

So yesterday after gym and skipping the steam room I dashed home to change and meet my mate Dave and then headed to Zee’s place at the Oyster Quays with a bottle of wine in hand. We arrived at the beautiful apartment block which overlooks the ocean, in addition it was also a beautiful warm evening.

First we sat down and munched some Nando’s, I was quite ravenous after and intense workout. Then poured a glass of wine and Zee started preparing all her goodies to tackle the task which lay ahead of her… I laughed when she said that at least I was not hairy… Ummmm, yaa… LoL.

She started with the face, applying a base color which made me look like I just had a very serious sunburn! Haha! It had not started to take shape as yet, however when she started working in texture I could see how I was slowly being transformed into a pussy. After about 45 minutes to an hour we had the face done and it looked really good! I was stunned actually…

We took a break and I attempted to drink some more wine, and then we started on the next part, well, the rest of the body actually…

With Dave and Marco playing with Zee’s little boy who was just adorable and had every one go maternal on me! Zee proceeded to finish off the rest of my body. Once again applying a base which made me look really tanned and then working in some texture and detail. Slowly a cat started to appear.
About 2 to 2.5 hours later Zee had taken me from a human being, I like to think that I am one and transformed me into a cat! Pretty damn cool! Her inspiration was taken from the play, Catz and she worked from one of the characters in the play, not by copying the character but just using it as a guideline.

Well done Zee!

She will be doing me up for Halloween at the end of the month! Need some ideas!

Zogra or Zee can be contacted at zogracox@hotmail.com for any work, she does theatrical, stage, fashion and all other make up! She made Marco look like a 60 year old man!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Definitely do not want to be running into this goat…

Robert Boardman, 63, of Port Angeles, died on Saturday after he was attacked by the goat while hiking on the subalpine Switchback Trail in the park. The trail is popular with residents of nearby Port Angeles, which is about 140km west of Seattle.

Park rangers later found the goat, observed blood on it and shot the animal.

Rangers have been tracking the goat and others for the past four years because they have followed people or approached hikers without backing down, said park spokesperson Barb Maynes.

"It has shown aggressive behaviour, however, nothing led us to believe it was appropriate to take the next level of removal," she said.

"This is a highly unusual. There's no record of anything similar in this park. It's a tragedy. We are taking it extremely seriously and doing our best to learn as much as we can."

Park officials have posted signs at trailheads warning hikers to be watchful of all goats and to stay at least 30m from the animals. Hikers are also warned not to urinate on or near the trail, because goats are attracted to the salt.

Boardman was hiking with his wife, Susan Chadd, and their friend, Pat Willits, and had stopped for lunch at an overlook when the goat began acting aggressively toward them, the Peninsula Daily News reported.

Boardman urged the others to go ahead while he tried to get rid of the goat, according to the paper. The two heard him yell and ran back to help.

Hikers who came upon the group radioed for help. But it took nearly an hour before rescuers could reach Boardman because the goat stood over him as he lay motionless on the ground, according to the Seattle Times.

"The mountain goat was terribly aggressive," Jessica Baccus, who was hiking with her family, told the Times. "It wouldn't move. It stared us down."

She and her husband, Bill Baccus, a park scientist, tried to lure the goat away by pelting the animal with rocks, shouting at it and using a silver reflective blanket to distract it.

It finally moved away, and Jessica Baccus tried to give Boardman cardiopulmonary resuscitation until a local doctor who came upon the group took over, she told the Times.

A US Coast Guard helicopter airlifted him out of the park.

Boardman, a locally-known musician and diabetes educator, was an avid hiker who also worked for years as a nurse for the Makah and Lower Elwha Klallam tribes, according to the Peninsula Daily News.

- News 24.com

What’s up with the weather??

I am putting it down to global warming, the weather has been crazy! One moment the sun is shining and the next we have winds howling, rain and hail, hail in places you would least expect it!
Anyway, I took advantage of the sunny weather on Sunday before filming and took a walk along the beach. Stopped over at a little café on the way down to the beach for hotdogs, and got a free beer with the order because it was taking long, I did not complain though and in my mind it was not taking long at all, I just figured they wanted to give us a beer. What a beautiful day it was! Have not walked that far in a while and it just reminded me that I need to do some cardio at the gym!

After the beach I managed to sneak in a nap as I was filming my last scene later on during the early evening which we got out the way quite quickly. The filming had been postponed quite a few times, and luckily so, or else we would have been filming in stormy weather!

I am not one that likes being in the rain, actually I hate any form of fine water touching my skin. I like to be warm and dry when it is raining. Don’t get me wrong, I do love rain, the smell, the sound and everything about it, but just not on me…

Gym last night went really well, we trained legs and I have also been hitting the steam room which really does refresh one, especially after a cold shower when you get out. The new training routine is going super well and I have noticed some really good results.

I hope everyone has had an awesome Monday and that you all are going to have a great Tuesday! 

Friday, October 15, 2010

What a week...!

What a week is has been...!

Last weekend started off with me attending the POWA fashion show at Club Sasha, Durban with the likes of Rosie Motene and Terrence Pillay and a couple of other familiar faces. POWA is for People opposing Woman Abuse and the fashion show was held to create some awareness around this issue in our country. Personally I think it is a fantastic organization and as most of you know I feel very strongly not only against woman abuse, but any abuse.

Ryan Stewart managed to call me up just as I was heading off to the show on Friday night for a shoot the next Saturday afternoon, that’s when my plans for any form of a big night went out the window. My Saturday morning started off at The Hair on the Edge Salon in prep for a shoot later that afternoon which was booked the night before. I shot with Ryan Stewart of R.S.Images and sported the latest Corrupt Underwear which was launched earlier this month. Check out www.corrupt.co.za as well as R.S.Images fan site on facebook and their website www.rsimages.co.za.

The shoot went really well. The location was a small one way side street with a wall covered in graffiti. It must have been quite a site for the block of flats opposite us, We had a few onlookers pass us by and a small crowd gather at the end of the street. All in all it was a great shoot as it always is when working with Ryan Stewart.

Myself and Ryan were booked to be judges with another 4 judges at the annual DarkChild Fashion show where young designers and models take to the ramp to showcase their latest designs. With two categories namely costume and fashion wear the models battled it out on the ramp. 6 designers were placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category walking away with some amazing cash prizes. The event is organized by Trish Lithuli every year who always works her magic! It was a huge success and I was very honored to be a part of the panel.

This week that has past I have been giving it my all at the gym, really been pushing myself and I can definitely see and feel improvement. My goal is to get to 85kg, I am on 80kg at the moment, it has taken me quite some time to get there! But am there… J I am still pushing hard and with my new training buddy I have picked up a lot of things. Sadly he leaves next weekend and then I am on my own again, but I will try and maintain.

This weekend should be pretty chilled, but still busy… lol, yes that is possible. Will be filming tomorrow evening again which I am looking quite forward to. I am also looking forward to seeing what they have done with the scenes filmed already… Not sure when I will get to see that J

I hope everyone has an awesome weeken!

Play it safe!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Own the Under World! Corrupt Underwear Launches!

Finally the new line of Corrupt Underwear has launched!

Last year I was exposed to the edgy Corrupt underwear brand while doing a couple of shoots for them and then waited in anticipation for the launch into South Africa. I have never been this excited about a brand before and I believe and know that it is going to do amazingly well.

Now just in time for Christmas the brand has launched and is available online. The underwear is comfortable and with various unique and stylish prints is set to be an awesome gift for any man!  (Even some women have been wearing them!)

Behind Corrupt is an amazing team and their hard work has finally made everything come together. I had the honour of working with these incredible people and literally tried on every pair of underwear in the range for the product shoots.

I can say with confidence that each pair was soft, comfortable and supportive in all the right places and every style is unique.

When we first did the shoots last year I was given a few pairs to keep and give feedback on. These have lasted and I can see that they are still going to last me for some time to come. 10 out of 10 for quality and durability! Corrupt is up there with all the other top underwear brands and the pricing is very competitive.  They are definitely worth every cent spent.

Join the Corrupt site now at www.corrupt.co.za

They are running a “free shipping” special till the end of 2010! Get cracking!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Not so chilled weekend... BUT good :)

This weekend I spent up in Johannesburg and what was supposed to be a chilled weekend turned into a very busy one seeing family, meeting new family and seeing some old friends.

I arrived late on Friday evening and decided to head to Risqué for a drink and see how the renovations were coming along and it is looking really good. I Got to see some familiar faces and chat to a few people and meet some new peeps, all in all it was a good evening. I got home and went straight to bed as the Saturday morning I was seeing my Aunt and cousins and meeting a cousin I had not met yet. So I wanted to be half decent at least! LoL, nah, was not that bad, I maintain well…

On Saturday morning I managed to pull myself out of bed and have a bite to eat before heading off to Kyalami to see the family I once lived with when I was in grade 9 or standard 7 for just under a year. My two cousins have grown up so much! My aunt has not changed a bit, in a good way  I also got to meet a new member of the family, another cousin who has moved back to SA from Australia! Good on her! I look forward to spending more time with the family in JHB again.

We decided to hit a new club called Babylon in Centurion that evening and after a long and entertaining lunch and a few bottles of wine down the line I convinced my cousin to join, which did not take a lot of convincing by the way, something we have in common.

We headed back to my place, got ready and then headed to meet up with Tammy! Now Tammy I had not seen in ages and every time I was in JHB I missed her… Anyhow, so after meeting up with Tammy and saying howsit to her gran and sister and every one we grabbed some pre clubbing food, KFC and then hit the road.

Babylon is an awesome club, great location and it is safe in addition the clubs layout had been planned really well. It is easy to move around in and the dance floor is just the rite size, not too big and not too small. It was good to be dancing to one of my favorite DJ’s tunes again, DJ Sam.

The people were great, and once again seeing familiar faces and meeting new people was grand!

After all the enjoyment and excitement we eventually had to head home, it was quite a long drive back to JHB. We all scoffed down hot dogs outside, I managed to get down two before heading off.

Got into the car and fell asleep and when I came around again I was home, yay! It was like I teleported from the club to home. And straight to bed it was for me…
Luckily I had time to get some good rest the next day as I only flew back home Sunday evening.

All in all it was an amazing weekend, and I look forward to many more good weekends, chilled ones and busy ones.


Friday, September 3, 2010

...Sitting at the airport and just pondering...

Here I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight out, have been here for the last hour or so. Sat down to have an awesome meal at the mugg and bean, got myself the smoked salmon chicken wrap! I love my wraps, they are usually the more healthier choice on the menu.

This past week I have not been eating healthily at all, I will get back into it next week. Will take a break this weekend and cut myself some slack… LoL, so I say with a beer next to me :)

I am looking forward to my JHB trip, I have decided to put some time in with more family who I have not seen in ages! Also, upon my arrival I will be trying out the new Gautrain, Johannesburg's equivalent of the London Underground. I got my gold card, am going to load it and take my 15 minute ride into Sandton.

This beer is going down really nicely :)

Work has been pretty hectic, it has been keeping me really busy, which is a good thing. And I have so much planned for over the next few months, some major things I am working on and some big steps I am taking into my future. All will soon unfold for me.

I have not seen my mom in ages, my sister or bro and the rest of my family in Cape Town and Australia, there is so much that I need to get to. And not a day goes past without me thinking of them. I mean, every day that I do not see them is a day lost… Anything could happen.

First on my list after my JHB trip is to see my mom, sister and baby bro, I will make a trip to the Cape to see them. Then I have a half sister which I have never met which I would finally like to meet! So I will make efforts into seeing her as well. And then of course my aunt and cousins in Cape Town.

Australia I will have to work really hard towards, who knows, maybe sometime soon I will be shooting there and will make the time to catch up with my Nanna and Aunts and Uncles and Cousins…

Anyhow, am about to finish this beer and check in and then just chill. Am landing in JHB quite late, 10pm!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally my website is up and running. It will be updated on a regular basis and my portfolio and various other things will still be added to it. You can check it out at www.tyronenell.co.za

A lot has been going on, a lot has happened and a lot is still to happen, basically I have been crazy busy sorting out life and ensuring that the next few months/ years are interesting and ensuring it all turns into success :)

I look back over the last few years and a few years back I would have never thought I would be where I am today. And in a few more years from now I will probably turn around and say the exact same thing... This is what makes life exciting and interesting.

I am in the process of buying a new car, I must admit that once I have my heart set on something I very seldomly change my mind, and in this case I have my heart set on the new Renault Megane Coupe, it is beautiful, sleek and sexy. I have taken it for a test drive and it feels like your flying an airplane. I also took the new Citroen DS3 for a test drive today and although the car goes amazingly well and the power it has is awesome, I am not sold on the look. I have never been a mini fan and it reminds me too much of the Mini.

Anyhow, I would like to make a purchase by the end of the month, will ponder a little more...

On my list is the Ford Focus and Mazda3, also two awesome cars! I have yet to test drive them.

Tomorrow I am shooting for Manic Creations, I look forward to working with these guys, have seen some of their work and it is impressive. They are going for a dark sexy look, will be sure to share the results with you.

My dear friend, Lauren (Lolly) is leaving for India soon for three months and we are having her farewell tomorrow, I will join the crew after the shoot and then most likely going to hit Sasha afterwards, a really cool club in Durbz :)

Hope everyone else has an awesome weekend!

Play it safe!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Sin Of Presumption...

I tend to get a little frustrated with people who sweat the small stuff in life, little incidents and little problems which get blown out of proportion. Why do that to yourself? Why not just keep life simple. When an issue arises rather than jumping to conclusions, making assumptions and blowing off steam for the wrong reasons. Clear the air, take a step back and evaluate the issue at hand and then handle the matter in an adult manner without attacking the other person involved.

I call it the sin of presumption. How often have we misjudged people and torn them to shreds with harsh words and sometimes even physical assault before we have had time to evaluate the situation? It is called the sin of presumption. Presuming things are one way without taking the trouble to find out exactly what the situation really is.

A little patience can drastically reduce major lifelong errors.

Anyhow, that was me blowing off a little steam and now that I have got it off my chest I can move forward…

I have been training super hard as I am trying to put on some more size. The only way for me to get to do that is by picking up my eating and as it is I am battling, BUT, I will get there. J

A lot is happening at the moment, life is getting very exciting. There are some big things lined up for me which will all happen over the next few months, as I always say, one step at a time. Sometimes it feels like it is not happening fast enough, and sometimes I get a little overwhelmed. One really just needs to take a step back, as you should in every situation and analyze the little bubble you’re in and then continue with a fresh outlook, always keeping your goals and what you want to achieve at the forefront of your mind.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Bumper July :)

July is going to be a bumber month! With fashion, music and parties littering the Durban social calendar I reckon Durban is going to be the place to be.

I kick off this weekend with Bryan Adams and Justin Bergh performing at the ICC, thanx to my dear friend Tim Hill at TunedinPublicity I get to go see the Bryan Adams concert at the ICC which includes South African singer, Justin Bergh opening for the world renowned artist.

Leading up to the famous Durban July which takes place on the 31st of July this year there are loads of fashion events taking place. Restaurants, shopping centers, clothing stores, designers and clubs all taking advantage of this event.

If you are looking for fashion and passion combined with superb horse racing, then South Africa’s annual Durban July is the place to be. The spectacular event it the country’s equivalent of Britain’s Royal Ascot. Over 56,000 people are expected at Greyville to witness South Africa’s best thoroughbreds storm down the home straight to the finish of the R2 million, Grade 1 Vodacom Durban July.

I will be at the Miller tent this year, Millers has teamed up with the VDP group and are going to put on a party of note! They will be bringing us the biggest party village ever seen at the July with a 100m bar, gourmet burger kitchen, Sushi bar, Hair and beauty studio, Spa and HP Photo booth.

After the event we will be shooting to the 5fm Miller After party which is due to be the best ever! Got ourselves some Royalty tickets and we will be partying it up in style.

So, if you have not yet got your tickets I suggest you do so NOW!

Am super excited about what this months has in store for me :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finally Phamous shoot – 13 June 2010

I met photographer, Dylan Kruger from Stone Elephant photography online. He approached me to do a shoot for a brand called Finally Phamous, a very interesting name for a brand. I agreed to the shoot as it would definitely be an awesome addition to my portfolio and would not be like my usual underwear shots.
My Sunday started at 04h30, I got up, walked straight to the shower, turned on the cold water and got in to wake me up properly and started getting all my things together for the shoot. In the back of my mind I just wanted to crawl back into bed!

At about 05h30 I was picked up, we headed to the brand head quarters where some of the other models, makeup artist, photographer and the brand owners were getting together. It was still cold and black outside, but in order to get the best lighting for the best shots we were going to start as early as possible.

We all sat down and had the first styling done for the day, not too much to do for the first lot of shots to be taken.

Finally Phamous is a very funky brand, they do belts, hoodies, vests, t-shirts, hats, and virtually anything you can dream up they will pretty much do.

The first few shots were of the mates who had just woken up and had gathered in the kitchen. Shots were taken in boxers with hoodies and t-shirts of us making, eating and sharing cereal and coffee and stuffing our faces with cake to help cure the “hangover” from the previous night.

After getting these shots we jumped into the van and headed to our next location, a park in the Glenwood suburb of Durban. However, on the way there we stopped by a little BRIGHTLY red painted café and with the red hoodie and grey vest I had on, it made the perfect backdrop for a few shots.

Arriving at the park we turned into little kids, two of the models taking to the slides and having a few shots done there sporting their hoodies and hats and then taking on the swings and one of those big turning things that spin you around till you feel ill.

We headed back to the head quarters to do some more styling and then headed to the next location, quite a fun one and a different one for Durban.
We stopped over on the side of Durban’s busiest industrial roads.
Next to the road there’s this awesome wall sprayed with graffiti, extremely colorful. The next few shots were all group shots and quite playful ones with us all jumping on each other’s backs and just fooling around.

Nick and I braved walking in the middle of the road with oncoming traffic, including trucks and the odd speedster. I kept chickening out before the rush of traffic reached us, not a bad thing though. It is not cool walking and not knowing what is coming up behind you.

We then proceeded to the next location, an old abandoned building in the suburb. The building stunk! I actually gagged, putting on your good face was not easy.

Next we headed to an industrial area, parking the vehicles in a little side road, and with thousands of pigeons gathered on the floor and the roofs of the building we were going to have a lot of fun. With the models walking, standing, running and attempting the classic seed on the arms and shoulders act we got some awesome shots there as well.
A little dark passage way provided the setting for some different type of shots, and with Jade topless and me pressed up against her we got some classic ‘guess’ shots.

The final shots for the day were taken at a public pool with Jade, after being pushed into the waters and Nick braving the icy waters and sported all the Finally Phamous caps.

The team pulled off an awesome shoot.
Working with Dylan for the first time was awesome, I felt comfortable working with him, I liked his work from the start and I definitely see us working together again.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Excuse the mess...

Most evenings during the week I am in bed by 8pm, given the fact that I am up at 5am to train I think it is good that I get an early night, however, I have been battling to sleep and am going to push my bedtime out by an hour or so, hopefully I am more tired, and sleep better. I dunno, does that make sense??

I mean, some mornings I wake up at 3am thinking that it is time to get up, and then I battle to fall asleep again and then just before I am supposed to wake up I really get comfortable, but then I have to get up... ARG! lol, anyhow, moving on...

This past weekend tired me out quite a bit, which is not a bad thing. I had mates from Johannesburg visiting in Durban who I entertained a bit, they are planning on buying a flat here, which is great, Durban is an amazing place to live.

There are also talks of them opening up a branch of their business here in Durban, and I think that they will do very well.

The World Cup fever is in full swing and tomorrow we have that National movement and every one is going to blow their Vuvuzela's at 12 in the afternoon. I am taking mine with! Although I have not blown it once!!

Unfortunately I have not got tickets to any of the games, but will definitely be watching the big games on TV.

This weekend will be a chilled one, will be taking it very easy, have a shoot on Sunday which I am looking forward to, the brand is called Finally Phamous, and then we are also doing some port pics, will be sure to share. :-)

The pic I have up here on the blog was taken over the weekend, new hairstyle, I think I like it :-)

Take care!

Friday, May 28, 2010

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas....

The last few weeks/ month or so have been pretty chilled, not much happening except work, training and lining up some modeling jobs for myself. I have some exciting things happening in June/ July and look forward to the jobs and shoots, the shoots are definitely going to be a great addition to my portfolio.

I have also taken on a Black Berry, I call it my Black Betty, it is quite a nice mobile to have, I am just getting used to all the functions and how it works. I now constantly am connected to my mail, which is great but it can also be an annoyance.

My not so favorite season is also approaching rapidly. Winter is not my favorite season; I am your shorts, slops and vest kind of guy.

I have been receiving a lot of mails from people and I would like to say thank you. I respond to all the mails when I get time to sit down and focus so that my responses actually mean something and are not just quick ways to push people off.

Something I have noticed, well, it is quite hard not to notice, but it is the football spirit kicking in, the World Cup 2010 spirit among South Africans has just spread like wild fire and it is amazing to see the creative ways people are coming up with to show their support. I am proud to say that I am a South African and I look forward to greeting our international guests.

This weekend I am heading out to a Las Vegas Themed party, myself and a couple of friends are all getting together at an awesome little lounge/ bar/ restaurant type place called Luna Rossa and getting a limo from there. I am accompanying an awesome friend as her date and hopefully there is a Las Vegas Chapel, can get hitched in Las Vegas.

You know what they say: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life is too short to hold grudges and not forgive...

Something that I find with people is that a lot of us, including me at times, find it difficult to let go of our egos and by this we tend not to forgive and forget.

We need to live the way, find within ourselves the peace and serenity. Most of us not living the life that we are destined for, within us we have peace and joy, but it is surrounded with the horrors and conflicts of life.

We all live life trying to please others, and everyone lives life trying to get from the one place to the next place to the next place, it is a constant chase, nobody knows how to just stop and be in the now, be in a place of peace, a place of kindness and be in a place where your not always trying to get someplace else.

All of us have the capacity at the end of any conflict to resolve it with love rather than with hatred. When one is able to forgive, or send forgiveness to where you would send hatred, anger and bitterness, you will be able to experience a turnaround in your own life.

You need to find a place in your heart where you no longer judge anyone else and find love in your heart and give that away.

The most important message you could put in your heart is that you want to feel good and one needs to learn how to be in a quiet, peaceful state rather than in a state of judgement, be in a state of acceptance, where you allow rather than where you fight and try to dominate.

Built into every storm, there is the peace that you are seeking, and in every peace that you have, there is going to be a storm. There is going to be ups and down, but just become the observer to it, enjoy it and be in that state of peace.

Always say it to yourself, over and over again: "I want to feel good!"

One thing that we do and we tend to do this very well, is hold grudges. People tend to find it difficult to forgive and forget
Life is too short to hold grudges and not to forgive, especially to those who were once close to us and who played important roles in our lives. The amount of stories I hear nowadays of loved ones being lost and old friends and family who have not been forgiven is increasing. People mourn over a loved one who was never forgiven for something stupid, something that had blown over, something that had been resolved, but they still hold that grudge against the person and regret never fully forgiving the person.
I could think of nothing worse than passing and me actually having a grudge or have never fully forgiven a loved one, how would that person feel? I would want that person to know that everything is okay, that they are forgiven and that they can move past whatever situation or circumstance caused the feelings of dislike.
I tend to find that life becomes easier and more pleasant when you forgive and forget and not hold those grudges. It is like a weight gets lifted off your shoulders. It is easier said than done, but the more you do it, the more you forgive, the easier it becomes. 
To forgive and forget is exactly what it says; forget about it, it is over, finished and gone. Never to be bought up again in the future.

Once again, life is too short to hold grudges and not forgive, rather enjoy life and live a happy one.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spartacus shoot – 10 April 2010

Spartacus shoot – 10 April 2010

Durban View guest house here in Durban, South Africa is the first place I would suggest to friends to book into while on holiday, either from abroad or from South Africa. Dave and Llewellyn are amazing hosts and certainly do look after their guests.

Spartacus, the travel magazine which comes out once a year asked them if they would like their guesthouse featured and also offered cover, and so they invited me to come in and do some photo’s for them.

I popped in on the Saturday morning, with quite a strong wind blowing and a lot of cloud cover we started the shoot off on the stairs leading from the entertainment area and pool to some of the rooms. Dave was putting his photography skills to test as Llewellyn lay back at the bottom of the stairs on a deck chair relaxing.

By now the wind had already blown whatever style I had into a mess, but, as it is a lifestyle shoot and sticking to keeping it natural I continued with smiles…

We moved onto the bar area and with cocktail in hand had a few pics taken there, each time of course changing the swimwear I was wearing.

Durban view guest house has the most amazing view of Durban, hence the name. We moved onto the roof where the wind was stronger than before and I braved just putting my feet into the Jacuzzi, yeah, that was warm okay, but taking them out was not so warm. Did a few more shots with the Durban scape in the background.

Next was the fun part, the shower shots… We moved downstairs to the outside shower, I ensured that the water was very warm as by now the temperature had dropped quite a bit. With David recording behind the scenes and Dave taking the shots it was quite fun, Dave teased me and said to readjust my package which I so innocently did and had a good chuckle.

All in all it was another successful shoot and Spartacus seems to be happy with the shots as well.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


And I, as dust, like everyman shall rise,
Aloft, afloat,
A still fraction, unrecognized elements of what came before you.
Lest I fall upon the still mood of your patience
I remain unknown and unseen until I’m moved again
Never ceasing to be
Never being alive to let cease.
Around you I drift, shaping your breeze,
Giving body to your ghost.
I am with you, always, the dark imminence,
The grace that reflects your light,
The figure of you untouchable.
And darkness may hide me, friend,
But cease I do not.
I, like dust, am everyman.
And everyman, like you, is dust.

-Written by a very good mate of mine.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Law Of Attraction

Today was an interesting day…

I sat in on a motivational presentation and a presentation regarding stress and how to deal with stress.

I completed a test which determined that my stress levels are quite high, so I need to chill, I need to take time out and focus on things which matter to me, and live a more balanced life, work, love and play.

From the motivational presentation there were three things which stood out most to me:
1) We can do, be and have anything we want
2) Thoughts become things
3) Your emotions are a guide to let you know if your on ‘track’

These three things all relate to the Secret, which is the law of attraction.

Your thoughts, your attitude and how you carry yourself are all things which have a part in making up what happens in your life.

If you think and speak in a negative way, you will attract negative energies but if you speak and think in a positive way you will attract positive energies and good things will happen, hence your thoughts turning into things.

You need to listen to your emotions, this is your inner gut telling you if you are okay or not. If you walk into a situation or are approaching a situation and you just get that feeling that something is not right, then turn around and leave, you can, you have control…

We are all responsible for our own actions and for our own lives. We are all responsible for what happens to us.

The law of attraction is definitely one of the strongest forces around and it has been around since the beginning.

Do yourself a favor and watch or read ‘The Secret’.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another day in the life of Ty…

Another day in the life of Ty, wonder what this one has got in store for me? Drama? Excitement? Love? Anger? The usual... It is like opening a book!

Each day brings new challenges, new hurdles and new excitement and if those things were not bought upon us then life would be pretty damn boring.

Anyhow, my weeks have been filled with work which seems to be picking up and over the weekends I have been taking some time out to chill and relax, I call It chillax. For some reason I am not managing to sleep in though.

With the beach on my doorstep, my Sundays have become my tanning days, have to make most of the sun while it is out as winter is just around the corner! Not my favorite season.

Ah! Just found some CD’s my mate left at my place and oh my word! AMAZING! Have not heard these tunes in ages and is very uplifting!

Anyhow, the weekend which past I polished up my tennis skills after my shoot at Durban View, at first I really sucked at the tennis but by Sunday late afternoon/ evening I was doing really well, so game on! I have some serious mad skills developing. The sport and is a great cardio work out at the same time.

So, have also been hitting the gym hard, but have been taking days off, so could be working harder, I want to try and start training in the mornings rather than evenings, get some happy hormones released into my body for during the days… BUT, I am not really a morning person, so will take some time getting used too.

(ah! This CD is awesome!)

Am hopping into the shower now and then calling it a night….

Off to bed then soon!

Hope you all have an amazing week further… I am already looking forward to the weekend.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All the long weekends...

Ah, time for another blog… : -)

It has been a while, with the long weekend coming up and with quite a bit on my mind I thought I would digest a little.

I have been in Umhlanga now for about a month and a half and being closer to work, the gym and the shops has made life more convenient. I have awesome housemates whom I enjoy spending time with and the vibe in the area that I am staying in is great!

The last few weekends have been very chilled weekends and I have taken the opportunity to get out of the city and spend the weekends away from the clubs and crowds. Most of the time either lazing by the pool or watching DVD’s and eating and just spending time with great people and I enjoy getting my sun!

About three weeks ago I casted or judged about 120 models to take part in a fashion show which took place this last weekend and it went well. The models were all new models and people taking that first step into the industry and I felt good being a part of it.

David’s twin brother, John is visiting from Johannesburg and we decided to head out on Saturday evening a bit, we headed to Frankies in Hillcrest which was quiet, but loads of fun. We had a very lovely lady approach us with her friend and give us here entire life story, to her we were three boys who all attended Michael House High School, she wanted her son to be like us, lol, I did not attend Michael house…
We then met another awesome group and to them we were Porn Stars, well, John was the manager of the group… Frankies died down and we left and went to Lazy Lizzard, fun place, never been there before, anyhow, so there we meet up with the people who believed we were porn stars and also met another lovely couple who looked like they were at the Opera, the woman’s dress was beautifully designed though, which I could not stop complimenting her on, to them we were a carol singing choir group… How these people believed us I have no idea, but that evening we were a Carol Singing Porn Star group from Michael House High School! Was plenty fun!

This month sees me taking part in an online competition called International Male Model Hunt 2010 which is sponsored by Qatar Airways, Calvin Klein and CSA Models which is based in Australia and opening up in South Africa.
The last time I checked I was running in 3rd place, and I really hope that the support which I need comes thru, it is a great opportunity and the winner will be flown to Australia to model.
Details on how to vote are on my fan page on Face Book.

I have also been keeping tabs on the Mr World Pageant and it was quite a disappointment not having our Mr South Africa make the top 15, I really thought we had something there, but next year is another year and I know South Africa has plenty talent.

This weekend coming up is going to be another relaxed one for me, will probably hit the town on Friday or Saturday evening, but I am definitely going to make the most of the weekend and do the whole lazing by the pool, time on the beach, eating and maybe a few gym sessions… DVD’s and a braai is also on that list for sure!

My shoot I did a few weekends ago will be up soon, will keep you guys posted!

Hope you all have an awesome week!