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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gym, Facebook, my green beast and a wedding

This week is the first week back in the gym, and so far so good, although I have only completed two days of training only! Monday we started off with legs, because this is an area which usually gets neglected we thought this year we will place it first on the list.

Our first week of training we will take things very easy, and we did so especially on the legs, as it is not very comfortable walking with aching leg muscles. Yesterday evening we did chest which went well, once again taking it easy.
Usually after two days of training legs for the first time in a while I usually start getting pain, which is the case today… I am battling a bit to walk, but come weekend I should be fine.

So anyway, I am glad I am back in training and will be giving it my all this year…

Just a thought as well, it is amazing at how many people I have met on face book, interesting individuals, it is just a reminder of how many people are out there and how lives cross paths and people come and go etc… I love reading peoples status updates and some days you wonder if there is something in the water, because all status updates seem really whack.

The more I have been driving my green beast the more I enjoy it. Although it is really old, as stated before it is one of the very first Datsun bakkies, it still goes very well. I have been made offers twice in traffic for the car as it is a collectable, however, I do look forward to getting the sponsored vehicle and all the luxuries back. I am pondering on not to sell or to sell the green beast though, will see when the time comes.

I am looking forward to my Aunts wedding at the end of the month, I get to see the family and my little sister and baby bro! I will be flying out to St. Francis bay for the wedding and I am sure it is going to be a beautiful affair.

So for this week the one thing I wanted to do is get back into the gym, so I can now tick that off my list… Now it is to maintain : -)

I am going to try and do another video this time with my green beast and upload it…

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