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Thursday, January 7, 2010

On top of things?

The first week back at work has not been too bad, when chatting to some of my clients some are still on leave until next week, and some even till the 18th! Good for you guys. But I am feeling a little content that I got back into the swing of things early this year and have a slight feeling of being on top of things.

I feel that this holiday which has passed was spent well, most of it resting and just having a good time. I won’t lie, after new years I was properly spent, but I regained my energy and strength to start off the year at work on the right foot.

I unfortunately did not get to see my family over the Christmas period, although they were on my mind. This is the second Christmas spent away from them and I am going to make a point of it this year to spend Christmas with them.
I have a new baby brother who is not even a year old and I have only seen him twice! My sister who celebrated her birthday a day before mine, on the 15th of December is growing up so fast, and I am not really there for her, and this year I would like to be there, if not physically, at least in some form…

I have also thought back to my ‘old’ friends, and have been wondering what has happened to them all? I hardly ever hear from them, not because I lost contact, or they lost contact, but because people eventually go their own ways, but yeah, I wondered about where they are and what they are up to. I look forward to my 10 year school reunion. : -)

I start training on Monday again, I am going to be training harder than ever as I have set myself new goals.

I also have a few new year’s resolutions which I am keeping to myself this year, at first I did not want to make any, as I always break them, but this year I am just not telling anyone.

Hope you all have had good weeks, there are quite a few more ahead of us in 2010!

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