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Monday, January 4, 2010

A relaxed December and a happy new year!

Firstly I would like to say Happy new years to everyone and I really hope that this year is a good one for every one. I have a very positive feeling about this one and believe that it will be a good year.

My holiday only really started a day before my 22nd birthday which was on the 16th of December. I did not plan on doing anything big and just wanted to go out for a couple of drinks and ended up meeting up with a few friends, headed to Traxx nightclub and partied into the evening : -)

For most of the holiday we mainly just relaxed, watched DVD’s and spent time on the beach. It was what I needed after last year!

My insurance finally paid out and I was able to buy my car, I have bought a little Datsun bakkie to sustain me till mid Feb. It is the cutest thing, it is lime green and still has the wing mirrors on the bonnet. I should be getting a sponsored vehicle mid Feb so I did not want to buy a brand new car now and then end up losing money on it or paying installments I do not need to pay now. The rest of my insurance money went to paying off my student loan!

The Durban weather has been very funny lately, we did not have too many days of sun, but I have a feeling that January and February are going to be really hot months!

Christmas eve we spent at home, I made dinner and we got some DVD’s and just chillaxed… The following day I spent time with a mate and his dad, we braaied and had a couple of drinks and took it easy.

Our new years party was one to remember! Jared begged Traxx nightclub to bring out Carl Nicholsen to South Africa and so they did. He has been staying with us since his arrival and leaves to go back to London on the 5th. His set on New year’s eve was out of this world! Definitely the best out of the internationals which have played at Traxx this far! I look forward to him coming out again and hopefully soon! The highlight of that night was his song “Pearl River”! I got goose bumps!

This year is going to be a good one, I have a few shoots coming up soon and am planning on taking part in a few competitions, will see what happens. I want to crack the television industry, that is where I want to be, so lets see what happens hey…

All the best guys!


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