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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All the long weekends...

Ah, time for another blog… : -)

It has been a while, with the long weekend coming up and with quite a bit on my mind I thought I would digest a little.

I have been in Umhlanga now for about a month and a half and being closer to work, the gym and the shops has made life more convenient. I have awesome housemates whom I enjoy spending time with and the vibe in the area that I am staying in is great!

The last few weekends have been very chilled weekends and I have taken the opportunity to get out of the city and spend the weekends away from the clubs and crowds. Most of the time either lazing by the pool or watching DVD’s and eating and just spending time with great people and I enjoy getting my sun!

About three weeks ago I casted or judged about 120 models to take part in a fashion show which took place this last weekend and it went well. The models were all new models and people taking that first step into the industry and I felt good being a part of it.

David’s twin brother, John is visiting from Johannesburg and we decided to head out on Saturday evening a bit, we headed to Frankies in Hillcrest which was quiet, but loads of fun. We had a very lovely lady approach us with her friend and give us here entire life story, to her we were three boys who all attended Michael House High School, she wanted her son to be like us, lol, I did not attend Michael house…
We then met another awesome group and to them we were Porn Stars, well, John was the manager of the group… Frankies died down and we left and went to Lazy Lizzard, fun place, never been there before, anyhow, so there we meet up with the people who believed we were porn stars and also met another lovely couple who looked like they were at the Opera, the woman’s dress was beautifully designed though, which I could not stop complimenting her on, to them we were a carol singing choir group… How these people believed us I have no idea, but that evening we were a Carol Singing Porn Star group from Michael House High School! Was plenty fun!

This month sees me taking part in an online competition called International Male Model Hunt 2010 which is sponsored by Qatar Airways, Calvin Klein and CSA Models which is based in Australia and opening up in South Africa.
The last time I checked I was running in 3rd place, and I really hope that the support which I need comes thru, it is a great opportunity and the winner will be flown to Australia to model.
Details on how to vote are on my fan page on Face Book.

I have also been keeping tabs on the Mr World Pageant and it was quite a disappointment not having our Mr South Africa make the top 15, I really thought we had something there, but next year is another year and I know South Africa has plenty talent.

This weekend coming up is going to be another relaxed one for me, will probably hit the town on Friday or Saturday evening, but I am definitely going to make the most of the weekend and do the whole lazing by the pool, time on the beach, eating and maybe a few gym sessions… DVD’s and a braai is also on that list for sure!

My shoot I did a few weekends ago will be up soon, will keep you guys posted!

Hope you all have an awesome week!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Vote for me

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Mid March already!

Once again I can not believe that we are in the 3rd month already, the year is already flying by so fast.

Some days I find myself wishing the days by, on Mondays I wish it were Wednesdays, on Wednesdays I wish it were Fridays, but I have realized that we, or I should not be wishing my days by, they are already flying by and need to be appreciated and every moment taken advantage of.

This weekend was a manic one, Friday evening chilled and had drinks, and actually just 2! Had to have an early one though as I had a shoot Saturday morning and had to get up at 4h30! We were on the beach by 6h15 and had a very successful shoot.

We did breakfast in the village and then I shooted home and then off to a model casting, this time me being the judge and having to rate models to be in a show at the end of the month, looking forward to that.

Two mates, Trevor and Gavin have got engaged and I shot thru to their engagement party, I love seeing the happiness they have invested in eachother, it is truly something special they have.

The week ahead I am going to take advantage of every opportunity I get, not wish my days by and rather wish for more hours in a day.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Time is just flying!

A lot has happened over the last few months, I have not really been updating my blog either because things have been really busy.

I ended January off on a high note. My family got together for my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding at Cape St Francis and it was one of the most amazing weekends I have had in a while. The wedding was beautiful and with just family it was very intimate.

I also got to see my little sister and baby brother who is growing up really quickly, and looking so adorable. His eyes are the most amazing blue and I am sure he is going to grow up to be a stunner!

Work has been going really well and my modeling as well. I look forward to a lot of positive things happening this year.

I have also made a move from my place in Durban to a new place in Umhlanga and am really enjoying it. I have the most amazing view of the ocean and am 5 minutes from work, 5 minutes from the gym and 5 minutes from Gateway, your theatre of shopping : -) The new place is also very peaceful, and out of that city rush, and I look forward to spending some more time on the beach!

One thing I want to take up this year is surfing, I really want to learn how to ride the waves, hopefully with the help of some of my mates I will be standing in no time.

I also look forward to the fashion scene picking up a bit here in Durban, hopefully we manage to get the investors we need and hopefully this year we can pull off a Durban Fashion week!

Training is going very well as well, been hitting the gym and working hard. I am at 76kg now and would like to be at 80kg soon! I just need to break thru the barrier I have reached now, I need to eat more and push myself a little harder in the gym.

Anyhow, here is to a good start to week one of March, Geez! Cannot believe we are in our 3rd month already! Time is just flying!