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Monday, March 1, 2010

Time is just flying!

A lot has happened over the last few months, I have not really been updating my blog either because things have been really busy.

I ended January off on a high note. My family got together for my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding at Cape St Francis and it was one of the most amazing weekends I have had in a while. The wedding was beautiful and with just family it was very intimate.

I also got to see my little sister and baby brother who is growing up really quickly, and looking so adorable. His eyes are the most amazing blue and I am sure he is going to grow up to be a stunner!

Work has been going really well and my modeling as well. I look forward to a lot of positive things happening this year.

I have also made a move from my place in Durban to a new place in Umhlanga and am really enjoying it. I have the most amazing view of the ocean and am 5 minutes from work, 5 minutes from the gym and 5 minutes from Gateway, your theatre of shopping : -) The new place is also very peaceful, and out of that city rush, and I look forward to spending some more time on the beach!

One thing I want to take up this year is surfing, I really want to learn how to ride the waves, hopefully with the help of some of my mates I will be standing in no time.

I also look forward to the fashion scene picking up a bit here in Durban, hopefully we manage to get the investors we need and hopefully this year we can pull off a Durban Fashion week!

Training is going very well as well, been hitting the gym and working hard. I am at 76kg now and would like to be at 80kg soon! I just need to break thru the barrier I have reached now, I need to eat more and push myself a little harder in the gym.

Anyhow, here is to a good start to week one of March, Geez! Cannot believe we are in our 3rd month already! Time is just flying!

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