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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another day in the life of Ty…

Another day in the life of Ty, wonder what this one has got in store for me? Drama? Excitement? Love? Anger? The usual... It is like opening a book!

Each day brings new challenges, new hurdles and new excitement and if those things were not bought upon us then life would be pretty damn boring.

Anyhow, my weeks have been filled with work which seems to be picking up and over the weekends I have been taking some time out to chill and relax, I call It chillax. For some reason I am not managing to sleep in though.

With the beach on my doorstep, my Sundays have become my tanning days, have to make most of the sun while it is out as winter is just around the corner! Not my favorite season.

Ah! Just found some CD’s my mate left at my place and oh my word! AMAZING! Have not heard these tunes in ages and is very uplifting!

Anyhow, the weekend which past I polished up my tennis skills after my shoot at Durban View, at first I really sucked at the tennis but by Sunday late afternoon/ evening I was doing really well, so game on! I have some serious mad skills developing. The sport and is a great cardio work out at the same time.

So, have also been hitting the gym hard, but have been taking days off, so could be working harder, I want to try and start training in the mornings rather than evenings, get some happy hormones released into my body for during the days… BUT, I am not really a morning person, so will take some time getting used too.

(ah! This CD is awesome!)

Am hopping into the shower now and then calling it a night….

Off to bed then soon!

Hope you all have an amazing week further… I am already looking forward to the weekend.

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