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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Law Of Attraction

Today was an interesting day…

I sat in on a motivational presentation and a presentation regarding stress and how to deal with stress.

I completed a test which determined that my stress levels are quite high, so I need to chill, I need to take time out and focus on things which matter to me, and live a more balanced life, work, love and play.

From the motivational presentation there were three things which stood out most to me:
1) We can do, be and have anything we want
2) Thoughts become things
3) Your emotions are a guide to let you know if your on ‘track’

These three things all relate to the Secret, which is the law of attraction.

Your thoughts, your attitude and how you carry yourself are all things which have a part in making up what happens in your life.

If you think and speak in a negative way, you will attract negative energies but if you speak and think in a positive way you will attract positive energies and good things will happen, hence your thoughts turning into things.

You need to listen to your emotions, this is your inner gut telling you if you are okay or not. If you walk into a situation or are approaching a situation and you just get that feeling that something is not right, then turn around and leave, you can, you have control…

We are all responsible for our own actions and for our own lives. We are all responsible for what happens to us.

The law of attraction is definitely one of the strongest forces around and it has been around since the beginning.

Do yourself a favor and watch or read ‘The Secret’.


  1. well, all the best. i believe in the law of attraction too.

  2. wow, very powerful Tyrone. Thanks for posting this, it was just what I needed to hear today.