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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Excuse the mess...

Most evenings during the week I am in bed by 8pm, given the fact that I am up at 5am to train I think it is good that I get an early night, however, I have been battling to sleep and am going to push my bedtime out by an hour or so, hopefully I am more tired, and sleep better. I dunno, does that make sense??

I mean, some mornings I wake up at 3am thinking that it is time to get up, and then I battle to fall asleep again and then just before I am supposed to wake up I really get comfortable, but then I have to get up... ARG! lol, anyhow, moving on...

This past weekend tired me out quite a bit, which is not a bad thing. I had mates from Johannesburg visiting in Durban who I entertained a bit, they are planning on buying a flat here, which is great, Durban is an amazing place to live.

There are also talks of them opening up a branch of their business here in Durban, and I think that they will do very well.

The World Cup fever is in full swing and tomorrow we have that National movement and every one is going to blow their Vuvuzela's at 12 in the afternoon. I am taking mine with! Although I have not blown it once!!

Unfortunately I have not got tickets to any of the games, but will definitely be watching the big games on TV.

This weekend will be a chilled one, will be taking it very easy, have a shoot on Sunday which I am looking forward to, the brand is called Finally Phamous, and then we are also doing some port pics, will be sure to share. :-)

The pic I have up here on the blog was taken over the weekend, new hairstyle, I think I like it :-)

Take care!

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  1. Durban is the place to live man :) i used to live there in Cowies Hill and used to go to WEstville Boys high before i moved to england