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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finally Phamous shoot – 13 June 2010

I met photographer, Dylan Kruger from Stone Elephant photography online. He approached me to do a shoot for a brand called Finally Phamous, a very interesting name for a brand. I agreed to the shoot as it would definitely be an awesome addition to my portfolio and would not be like my usual underwear shots.
My Sunday started at 04h30, I got up, walked straight to the shower, turned on the cold water and got in to wake me up properly and started getting all my things together for the shoot. In the back of my mind I just wanted to crawl back into bed!

At about 05h30 I was picked up, we headed to the brand head quarters where some of the other models, makeup artist, photographer and the brand owners were getting together. It was still cold and black outside, but in order to get the best lighting for the best shots we were going to start as early as possible.

We all sat down and had the first styling done for the day, not too much to do for the first lot of shots to be taken.

Finally Phamous is a very funky brand, they do belts, hoodies, vests, t-shirts, hats, and virtually anything you can dream up they will pretty much do.

The first few shots were of the mates who had just woken up and had gathered in the kitchen. Shots were taken in boxers with hoodies and t-shirts of us making, eating and sharing cereal and coffee and stuffing our faces with cake to help cure the “hangover” from the previous night.

After getting these shots we jumped into the van and headed to our next location, a park in the Glenwood suburb of Durban. However, on the way there we stopped by a little BRIGHTLY red painted café and with the red hoodie and grey vest I had on, it made the perfect backdrop for a few shots.

Arriving at the park we turned into little kids, two of the models taking to the slides and having a few shots done there sporting their hoodies and hats and then taking on the swings and one of those big turning things that spin you around till you feel ill.

We headed back to the head quarters to do some more styling and then headed to the next location, quite a fun one and a different one for Durban.
We stopped over on the side of Durban’s busiest industrial roads.
Next to the road there’s this awesome wall sprayed with graffiti, extremely colorful. The next few shots were all group shots and quite playful ones with us all jumping on each other’s backs and just fooling around.

Nick and I braved walking in the middle of the road with oncoming traffic, including trucks and the odd speedster. I kept chickening out before the rush of traffic reached us, not a bad thing though. It is not cool walking and not knowing what is coming up behind you.

We then proceeded to the next location, an old abandoned building in the suburb. The building stunk! I actually gagged, putting on your good face was not easy.

Next we headed to an industrial area, parking the vehicles in a little side road, and with thousands of pigeons gathered on the floor and the roofs of the building we were going to have a lot of fun. With the models walking, standing, running and attempting the classic seed on the arms and shoulders act we got some awesome shots there as well.
A little dark passage way provided the setting for some different type of shots, and with Jade topless and me pressed up against her we got some classic ‘guess’ shots.

The final shots for the day were taken at a public pool with Jade, after being pushed into the waters and Nick braving the icy waters and sported all the Finally Phamous caps.

The team pulled off an awesome shoot.
Working with Dylan for the first time was awesome, I felt comfortable working with him, I liked his work from the start and I definitely see us working together again.


  1. Hi, Awesome brand. Nice pics of you!!

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