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Monday, September 6, 2010

Not so chilled weekend... BUT good :)

This weekend I spent up in Johannesburg and what was supposed to be a chilled weekend turned into a very busy one seeing family, meeting new family and seeing some old friends.

I arrived late on Friday evening and decided to head to Risqué for a drink and see how the renovations were coming along and it is looking really good. I Got to see some familiar faces and chat to a few people and meet some new peeps, all in all it was a good evening. I got home and went straight to bed as the Saturday morning I was seeing my Aunt and cousins and meeting a cousin I had not met yet. So I wanted to be half decent at least! LoL, nah, was not that bad, I maintain well…

On Saturday morning I managed to pull myself out of bed and have a bite to eat before heading off to Kyalami to see the family I once lived with when I was in grade 9 or standard 7 for just under a year. My two cousins have grown up so much! My aunt has not changed a bit, in a good way  I also got to meet a new member of the family, another cousin who has moved back to SA from Australia! Good on her! I look forward to spending more time with the family in JHB again.

We decided to hit a new club called Babylon in Centurion that evening and after a long and entertaining lunch and a few bottles of wine down the line I convinced my cousin to join, which did not take a lot of convincing by the way, something we have in common.

We headed back to my place, got ready and then headed to meet up with Tammy! Now Tammy I had not seen in ages and every time I was in JHB I missed her… Anyhow, so after meeting up with Tammy and saying howsit to her gran and sister and every one we grabbed some pre clubbing food, KFC and then hit the road.

Babylon is an awesome club, great location and it is safe in addition the clubs layout had been planned really well. It is easy to move around in and the dance floor is just the rite size, not too big and not too small. It was good to be dancing to one of my favorite DJ’s tunes again, DJ Sam.

The people were great, and once again seeing familiar faces and meeting new people was grand!

After all the enjoyment and excitement we eventually had to head home, it was quite a long drive back to JHB. We all scoffed down hot dogs outside, I managed to get down two before heading off.

Got into the car and fell asleep and when I came around again I was home, yay! It was like I teleported from the club to home. And straight to bed it was for me…
Luckily I had time to get some good rest the next day as I only flew back home Sunday evening.

All in all it was an amazing weekend, and I look forward to many more good weekends, chilled ones and busy ones.


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