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Friday, September 3, 2010

...Sitting at the airport and just pondering...

Here I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight out, have been here for the last hour or so. Sat down to have an awesome meal at the mugg and bean, got myself the smoked salmon chicken wrap! I love my wraps, they are usually the more healthier choice on the menu.

This past week I have not been eating healthily at all, I will get back into it next week. Will take a break this weekend and cut myself some slack… LoL, so I say with a beer next to me :)

I am looking forward to my JHB trip, I have decided to put some time in with more family who I have not seen in ages! Also, upon my arrival I will be trying out the new Gautrain, Johannesburg's equivalent of the London Underground. I got my gold card, am going to load it and take my 15 minute ride into Sandton.

This beer is going down really nicely :)

Work has been pretty hectic, it has been keeping me really busy, which is a good thing. And I have so much planned for over the next few months, some major things I am working on and some big steps I am taking into my future. All will soon unfold for me.

I have not seen my mom in ages, my sister or bro and the rest of my family in Cape Town and Australia, there is so much that I need to get to. And not a day goes past without me thinking of them. I mean, every day that I do not see them is a day lost… Anything could happen.

First on my list after my JHB trip is to see my mom, sister and baby bro, I will make a trip to the Cape to see them. Then I have a half sister which I have never met which I would finally like to meet! So I will make efforts into seeing her as well. And then of course my aunt and cousins in Cape Town.

Australia I will have to work really hard towards, who knows, maybe sometime soon I will be shooting there and will make the time to catch up with my Nanna and Aunts and Uncles and Cousins…

Anyhow, am about to finish this beer and check in and then just chill. Am landing in JHB quite late, 10pm!

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  1. Cool, enjoy. Family time is good. Just fetched my son from Airport - back in Durbs from his studies in Stellenbosch, just for a week.