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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun times....

I have had such a cool week so far, besides the weather acting up and not deciding on what exactly it wants to do with itself, everything else has been good.

I took up the opportunity this weekend to check out the horse yards up in Shongweni, horses are beautiful creatures and I am definitely going to start riding again once I am settled in Johannesburg, it should keep me busy and out of trouble.

On Monday evening I was treated to an awesome dinner at The Olive and Oil restaurant in the Umhlanga village, the dinner was amazing except for the calamari starter! My mate Dave ordered it and I laughed at the portion! Don’t you just hate it when you have fails like that at a restaurant. I really really wanted to have a hubbly after dinner, it is my most favorite thing to do, to chill with a drink and a hub! So we ventured to Cuba Lounge with a couple of other mates and got one… Pretty cool and chilled.

The plans for New York are coming along nicely, with me departing on the 30th of November and arriving back in South Africa on the 13th of December just in time for my birthday on the 16th December. I am certainly in for a good time.

I am super stoked about this week, it is my last week in the office here in Umhlanga, it marks a new beginning for me. After this week I will be spending two weeks getting all my things sorted for my move to JHB.

Ah yes! Before I forget again! I have entered the Face of Markham competition, I just need to be kept in the top 10 of the comp. Then after the 16th of November it is up to the judges to choose their winner. It is worth a try, I am not exactly sure what they are looking for.

But please cast your vote to keep me in the top 10.
You can vote by selecting this link!


Thanx to those who have already voted :)

Fun times!

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