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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chillaxing and saying the goodbyes...

With my move and everything that is going on I have taken some time to sort out a few things and spend some time saying goodbye to friends and people I have met over the last few years in Durban.

My days have been super chilled, sticking to my training routine and just mulling around the house really, with that little bit of excitement building up inside me.

Last night I had a very intimate dinner with some close mates at a beautiful restaurant called Marco Polo at Mount Edgcomb estate, the food was amazing! It did take a while to reach our table, however it was definitely worth the wait.

One of my favorite hangouts here in Durban is Luna Rossa at Gateway, just to sit on the couches, feet up and drink in hand and chat and catch up with mates is always a perfect way to either end an afternoon or start an evening.
My hubbly has also been keeping me entertained I must just add. I have never been a smoker, and will never be a smoker, but a hubbly I will light anytime, if I could invent a portable one I would!

This Saturday evening is my farewell which I am looking forward to, I have invited everyone who I have met over the last few years and it is going to be the perfect evening to say my goodbyes before I jet off the weekend after.

It has been a great few years, and here is to many more J

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