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Sunday, December 5, 2010

From Durban to Cape Town and now Johannesburg...

I took a look back at some of my pictures on FB, my tagged ones and pictures in my folders, especially the Durban ones with my Durban mates and geez! Some amazing memories were created.

From the first day I set foot in Durban to the day I departed for the Cape, every day will remain an unforgettable day.

I must admit I got a little bit emotional looking back at some amazing times, times I would not mind reliving.

Cape Town was a great pit stop after Struisbaai and before heading to JHB. I spent my days either traveling around with mates or just lazing about in the Sun. I also finally got the chance to meet my half-sister who I have never met before, she is my age and an amazing person, we had plenty fun out and about.

From St Yves to Fez and Bronx, we had plenty fun. Chilling on Clifton with some of my Durban mates and also making some new Cape Town mates, all in all it was a great Holiday.

Since being in Johannesburg it has also been none stop, from shoots to some filming and spending time with friends at the ultra-cool Zar night club, finally today I have the chance just to chill in the sun by the pool with family.

There is still plenty to do here before I am fully set up, like buying the new car, finding a nice apartment close to studies etc etc…

Anyhow, all will happen in time. For now I am just grateful that my family are willing to accommodate me over the December period.

Lotsa love!

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