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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amazing shoot with Lauren Schreiber

During December I had the opportunity to shoot with the amazing Lauren Schreiber. This girl is beyond gorgeous and has everything going for her and is certainly going to rock the modeling world.

Lolly had just got back from filming a massive Bollywood film in India and now based in Cape Town she had taken some time to wrap up a couple of shoots in Durban and I was honored that she asked me to shoot with her on this occasion with photographer Craig Scott.

The studio we shot in was amazing and the moment I walked in I knew that it was going to be a good day.

It was a scorcher of a day outside but thank heavens for air conditioning!

It did not matter what outfit she had on or how her hair was styled she pulled it off every single time.

The scene I got to shoot with Lolly was an extremely fun and sexy scene, with me sitting on a cube and her coming from behind and almost digging her nails into me and making some very, um, sexy sounds to get the emotion and the feel of what Craig was looking for.

All in all it was definitely pulled off and some amazing shots were captured. Although I was on holiday, the day was definitely made worth it.

I will be sure to share some pics as soon as they are released.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Hot pools, game drives, amazing company, the likes of Timone and Pumba on our stoop and a thief in our bathroom...

Hot pools, game drives, amazing company, the likes of Timone and Pumba on our stoop and a thief in our bathroom is what my weekend consisted of.

This weekend I took a trip to Mabalingwe with a couple of mates which is located just past Warmbaths in South Africa. It is a beautiful reserve, perfect for hiding away at over a weekend when you just want to relax and take it easy.

Although the reserve is only about a two hour drive from Johannesburg it turned into a roadtrip and took longer than anticipated with quite a few stops along the way. At one stop in particular we giggled at the direct translation on some of the signs such as "Mans" which is Afrikaans, being indicated as "Man" in English instead of "Mens" at the toilets which were also sign posted as bathrooms, lol, they were far from being bathrooms.

We rented a private house in the reserve which we thought was quite safe, I mean, with Rhinos and wild animals lurking around you would never expect to walk into your bathroom and bump into an unknown man attempting to steal a couple of valuables, luckily the sound of the blinds dropping in the bathroom while he was climbing thru the window on his way in triggered an inspection. He got a fright and took a dive head first out the window, unfortunately with him being quick on his feet he disappeared into the darkness, and fortunately he did not take anything or hurt anyone.

I must admit that I was quite disappointed with the Mabalingwe's management as a security van rocked up two hours later, this now being after 1am the following morning and they did not even inspect the area where the person tried breaking into. They drove around hopelessly, following the same road up and down for hours expecting to catch the culprit! Not a single house visit or phone call was received by management to apologize or just check in on how things were. An event like that would shake anyone up, especially on a holiday.

Anyhow, we spent parts of our evenings at the house on the wooden deck having long conversations, and some parts of the evenings in the warm pool just chilling. We also had Pumba, or a Warthog rather visit our porch, quite a tamed creature, eventually we had to shu him away so that we could carry on making use of the porch. Yet we still had the rest of his family pop by for a visit as well.

The weekend was a good one, actually just what I needed. With my studies starting in two weeks time I will be taking as much down time as I can. Excited to the MaX!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Music: A part of my life

Some of my most amazing memories have been created on the dance floor. As most peeps know I like my parties and I love embracing music with those close to me.

My favorite sounds are those of uplifting hard house.

Standing on the dance floor, facing the DJ who's feeding the crowed with energies of sound and turning to your mate dancing away next to you and in a moment of euphoria you put your arm around that person and you dance the night away like never before and you are wishing it never ended. It is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

The sounds of the world bring people together, it can lift ones mood or settle you down. It can be an assist to cry those tears which needed to be shed or can be the means of connecting two people passionately.

Memories come flowing back when a song is heard, a song which marked a moment or a time in ones life, good or bad.

Music will forever be apart of my life, your life and the people around you, it has always been and should most definitely be embraced on all levels.

Here is to the sounds which create those memorable moments! X


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Settling down on a car...

So as most peeps know I wrote off my Ford fiesta a while ago and then got myself a tiny Datsun bakkie to make do with while living in Durban, it is all I ever really needed and was most definitely not a luxury. However, it is a collectable and the amount of times I have been made offers in traffic is countless.

Now! This year I have relocated to the big city of Johannesburg to pursue my studies and the old green beast would most definitely not be practical for this. I sold the beast just before packing up in Durban and heading off on my travels.

I test drove the new Renault Megane Coupe just before leaving Durban last year and I was sold. The car is reliable, it is new and it looks the part and has all the features one would need.

I obviously did not just buy the first car I test drove and have given it some time and have consulted with many people who each have their own opinion when it comes to various cars.

I was warned that Renault has a bad history in South Africa and that their client services are crap and that when something does go wrong on the car that it costs an arm and a leg and sometimes you can wait forever because parts need to be imported.

I believe that Renault has a factory in SA now and that they are building on improving their reputation in the country and am willing to give them the chance, thus I have decided to make the purchase of a new Renault Megane Coupe 1.6 vehicle.

I believe that the vehicle will live up to my standards and amn certain that I will not be kicking myself after a couple of months.

I welcome my new baby with wide open arms :)
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Cardio vs Muscle gain

So I was told a while ago by my GP that my resting heart rate was too high and that I needed to do more cardio during my workouts.

This was already evident in the fact that I could no longer sprint 100m without being totally out of breath or even dash to the kitchen or up the stairs without battling.

Also not being able to swim out as far as I used to be able to in the ocean without the fear of not having enough energy to get back to shore.

I have always avoided cardio workouts because of my goal of putting on size. Already I battle to eat as much as I should although lots of people would think otherwise, but in order for me to put on the size that I want to put on I should be eating loads more!

So this year I am going to add some cardio to my training regime and still focus on my weight training, but my training will be more intense, maybe lower sets, higher weights but loads more eating, healthy carb loading that is.

I am going to look into this a bit more, but one thing for sure is that I would like to better my fitness. I suppose you need a balance, and that balance I will find :)
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