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Monday, January 3, 2011

Cardio vs Muscle gain

So I was told a while ago by my GP that my resting heart rate was too high and that I needed to do more cardio during my workouts.

This was already evident in the fact that I could no longer sprint 100m without being totally out of breath or even dash to the kitchen or up the stairs without battling.

Also not being able to swim out as far as I used to be able to in the ocean without the fear of not having enough energy to get back to shore.

I have always avoided cardio workouts because of my goal of putting on size. Already I battle to eat as much as I should although lots of people would think otherwise, but in order for me to put on the size that I want to put on I should be eating loads more!

So this year I am going to add some cardio to my training regime and still focus on my weight training, but my training will be more intense, maybe lower sets, higher weights but loads more eating, healthy carb loading that is.

I am going to look into this a bit more, but one thing for sure is that I would like to better my fitness. I suppose you need a balance, and that balance I will find :)
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