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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hot pools, game drives, amazing company, the likes of Timone and Pumba on our stoop and a thief in our bathroom...

Hot pools, game drives, amazing company, the likes of Timone and Pumba on our stoop and a thief in our bathroom is what my weekend consisted of.

This weekend I took a trip to Mabalingwe with a couple of mates which is located just past Warmbaths in South Africa. It is a beautiful reserve, perfect for hiding away at over a weekend when you just want to relax and take it easy.

Although the reserve is only about a two hour drive from Johannesburg it turned into a roadtrip and took longer than anticipated with quite a few stops along the way. At one stop in particular we giggled at the direct translation on some of the signs such as "Mans" which is Afrikaans, being indicated as "Man" in English instead of "Mens" at the toilets which were also sign posted as bathrooms, lol, they were far from being bathrooms.

We rented a private house in the reserve which we thought was quite safe, I mean, with Rhinos and wild animals lurking around you would never expect to walk into your bathroom and bump into an unknown man attempting to steal a couple of valuables, luckily the sound of the blinds dropping in the bathroom while he was climbing thru the window on his way in triggered an inspection. He got a fright and took a dive head first out the window, unfortunately with him being quick on his feet he disappeared into the darkness, and fortunately he did not take anything or hurt anyone.

I must admit that I was quite disappointed with the Mabalingwe's management as a security van rocked up two hours later, this now being after 1am the following morning and they did not even inspect the area where the person tried breaking into. They drove around hopelessly, following the same road up and down for hours expecting to catch the culprit! Not a single house visit or phone call was received by management to apologize or just check in on how things were. An event like that would shake anyone up, especially on a holiday.

Anyhow, we spent parts of our evenings at the house on the wooden deck having long conversations, and some parts of the evenings in the warm pool just chilling. We also had Pumba, or a Warthog rather visit our porch, quite a tamed creature, eventually we had to shu him away so that we could carry on making use of the porch. Yet we still had the rest of his family pop by for a visit as well.

The weekend was a good one, actually just what I needed. With my studies starting in two weeks time I will be taking as much down time as I can. Excited to the MaX!

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  1. It sounds like quite an adventure. I would one day love to visit your country. So vast, and yet so filled with life.