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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Settling down on a car...

So as most peeps know I wrote off my Ford fiesta a while ago and then got myself a tiny Datsun bakkie to make do with while living in Durban, it is all I ever really needed and was most definitely not a luxury. However, it is a collectable and the amount of times I have been made offers in traffic is countless.

Now! This year I have relocated to the big city of Johannesburg to pursue my studies and the old green beast would most definitely not be practical for this. I sold the beast just before packing up in Durban and heading off on my travels.

I test drove the new Renault Megane Coupe just before leaving Durban last year and I was sold. The car is reliable, it is new and it looks the part and has all the features one would need.

I obviously did not just buy the first car I test drove and have given it some time and have consulted with many people who each have their own opinion when it comes to various cars.

I was warned that Renault has a bad history in South Africa and that their client services are crap and that when something does go wrong on the car that it costs an arm and a leg and sometimes you can wait forever because parts need to be imported.

I believe that Renault has a factory in SA now and that they are building on improving their reputation in the country and am willing to give them the chance, thus I have decided to make the purchase of a new Renault Megane Coupe 1.6 vehicle.

I believe that the vehicle will live up to my standards and amn certain that I will not be kicking myself after a couple of months.

I welcome my new baby with wide open arms :)
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  1. Hey looks pretty awesome. Nice colour too. Enjoy.