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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Graeme Watkins CD Launch

The Graeme Watkins Project's debut album, "Corridors of the Mind" was launched Last night and I had the honor of attending the highly anticipated launch, and believe you me it was awesome!

"Corridors of the Mind" embodies 18 months of hard work, with songs such as Music Affair already climbing the music charts on SA top radio stations and Bloodshot Eyes, which has a powerful chorus.

The Joburg launch evening was a star-studded affair with VIPs and celebrities joining the festivities as the band took to the stage to launch their album. One fan walked away with a Carparelli Slimm Black Flame guitar, autographed by the Graeme Watkins Project.

I had the opportunity of meeting some awesome people, most of them being ex idol contestants, from Bokkie, Bongi, Adeline Mocke and Heinz Winkler.

All in all it was a great evening out during the week!

The pics seen here are of The Graeme Watkins Project and Adeline Mocke and Myself J

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