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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Geez! What a stressful time...

Geez! What a stressful few days/ weeks it has been, with uni assignments and tests and just the general demands of every day living, it has kind of been a roller coaster.

I am looking forward to spending this weekend just chilling. I get to see some family on Saturday afternoon for lunch, tomorrow evening we are going to head to mates for some 30seconds fun, and Saturday evening we just going to chill with mates for dinner. So no clubbing, no shzmooozing anyone, just chilling.

In addition to the stress already incurred this week, my car would not start this morning. First of all I think that it was pretty much below zero degrees this morning when I got up, so it was farking cold! I get into the car happily, all ready to get to uni to deliver a presentation on Rosettenville which is in the South of Johannesburg, something I had been working on for a while. I turn the ignition and ‘click’, that is all I hear…

So it has been put down to either the battery or starter motor. Because of the car being an automatic, I can not push start it, so tomorrow or Saturday when Ryan is around I we will hook his car up to mine and get it started and then it is going to the auto electrician.

Anyhow! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Remember, always play it safe! 

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