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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's up Service Providers??

What’s up??

Time seems to be moving quicker, things seem to be happening faster, the pace of living has stepped up big time, except for those living in Cape Town of course, but we won’t go into that too much.

Every day there is some kind of new gadget, mobile communications device or something electronic being released to assist with our ever so increasingly daily needs. We all want to stay ahead of the pack, we all feel the need to and if we don’t then we feel left out.

From daily entertainment, celebrities, fashion, advertising, what’s happening in other people’s lives to new releases of cars, computers, mobile phones and anything you can think of, we all want but sadly we can not always get.

The times of simple living has passed, if you can not keep up with the pace, you will be left behind, and a couple of weeks of being left behind will result in you thinking that you are living in the dark ages again, surely we do not want that.

However, one thing that I am annoyed with is the lack of service delivery, especially among your major corporations such as your cellular network providers, internet providers and even your cellular companies bringing out all these new devices. Are they actually really keeping up with the demand that they have created? I do not think so, well most definitely not in South Africa.

It is however sad to see that no matter how much we complain nothing gets done, I think the only thing that would help would be for everyone to boycott technology, but, none of us can live without it.
Even Facebook seems to be taking some slack of late with all the viruses that are being spread around via status updates and wall posts.

Come on guys; make us a little bit more proud. To the networks and cellular companies out there, give us what we pay for; South Africa has some of the highest rates in the world! But some of the lowest service provider stats.

Make a difference and live up to your promises as advertised on the billboards and television ads!

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