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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Farking around on a chilled weekend...

Not that it was any highlight of my weekend but Ryan dropped me off at uni on Saturday morning and I sat thru 3 hours of revision classes, which was needed, as Economics is not my strongest subject. I got picked up again and headed home for a chilled Saturday afternoon with an impromptu shoot thrown in the mix of things with Ryan and I, the pics came out great, these being the first pics we have done professionally together.

Raine attends varsity with me and she celebrated her birthday on Saturday evening, which was meant to be a ‘chilled dinner’, quoted by Raine, turned out to be a large gathering at her house with family and friends. I proceeded to get a little tipsy, all in the name of fun though. Zach managed to braai up some steak and sausage in the cold, even though he was sporting some very fashionable crutches, Ryan did lend a helping hand though. 

So with my hubbly in hand and a cool mix of peeps, a great night was had. The rest all left for Latinova and the annual Balkanology party, Ryan and I decided to head home! I think it was the best idea ever especially given the fact that I thought Melrose Arch was on fire on the way home!

This morning I was very surprised to wake up without a hangover, which was great! Made an awesome breakfast for the household, did some design work and then headed to Dayle’s place for a chilled Sunday afternoon braai and a bit of a horse ride. Dayle taught me how to ride horses a good few years ago, it is something I really enjoy and I would say is a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

This Sunday evening will be spent chilling at home and keeping warm and probably watching a few episodes of Absolutely Fabulous! 


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