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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some basic GYM Etiquette...

Most of us go to gym usually determined to have a great workout without any annoyances from others. I sometimes see it as an escape or an outlet of frustration, but when leaving the gym more frustrated than what you were when you got there then you got to know that there is a problem.

So over the last few months I have been getting very annoyed with a few things people do at the gym, most of the time these people are just plain ignorant or have no sense of respect for others around them. Here are a few points to follow…

When walking in a general walkway, don’t suddenly stop and turn around, in a busy and an over crowded place like a gym the chances of someone walking behind you is quite great.

While waiting for a machine or having a big fat conversation with a mate, try avoid standing in a general walk way area, or at least make space for other gym goers to get passed you, especially when you can see them coming.

When you are busy using a machine and you get caught up in a conversation with a mate, perhaps just step away from the machine until your done with your catching up. This allows others to use the machine in the meantime.

When you are walking up or down a staircase and you pass a mate walking the opposite direction try not to stop there and then to have a quick catch up, or at least ensure that there is no one else walking behind you or your mate.

It is most frustrating when you can hardly concentrate on what you are doing because of some bloke blasting off about the shag he had over the weekend or the steroids he is currently on. I would think that most people would rather keep something like this to themselves, clearly not at the gym, it seems that this is a place of stroking your own ego but at least try keep your voice down and let others focus on their own routines.

Apply deodorant before you start your workout, but avoid using liters of cologne! There is nothing worse than walking out of the gym after a heavy workout and walking into a cloud of scent which tends to suffocate you, it is not like your going to a club.

Try to keep your mobile on silent or vibrate if you feel the need to take it into your workout with you, especially if you are expecting a couple of phone calls during your workout. The standard ring tone of a blackberry or I-phone can get really annoying when heard over and over again.

And finally, there is nothing worse than being exposed to crack and swinging balls in the changing rooms, especially when the crack owner makes a point of bending down really far with one leg up on the benches to dry themselves, I mean, is this how you dry yourself at home? Must be a mating call of some sorts…

Feel free to share some of your own points…

Monday, July 18, 2011


(Pictures: Adeline Mocke and myself with some of the BURN THE FLOOR cast members)

Whaaaat a super show Burn The Floor was! Currently showing at the Johannesburg Nelson Mandela Theatre.

We were invited to the opening of Burn The Floor this passed Sunday and as I know Ryan loves dance and used to be a dancer himself I knew he would enjoy this show!

With an international cast consisting of 24 members and a live band and live vocals, the show started off with a bang! The energy that was received by the dancers was phenomenal!

The Waltz! The Fox Trot! The Tango! The Quickstep! The Cha Cha! The Samba! And The Ramba! Were some of the dances that they performed for the evening! All fueled with energy and emotion and I must admit that the sexual energy that one gets from the show is something else!

Each BURN THE FLOOR dancer has spent a lifetime training to compete against other dance couples. This show allows the dancers to demonstrate their love and passion for their art.

This is a definitely must see! They are here for 4 weeks and are only to be seen at the Johannesburg Theatre! Even if I lived outside of Gauteng, I would still make efforts to see the show!

We are going to watch it again and are taking friends and family with next time to experience it with us.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Kylie Minogue Weekend at Sun City

The countdown to this past weekend started earlier this year when it was announced that Kylie Minogue will be heading to South Africa as part of her world tour, the queen of pop was coming to see us! Whoohoo!

Accommodation was booked at Sun City before the tickets were even released, as soon as they were released accommodation was booked up!

Ryan and myself together with mates hit the road this past Friday morning after a few glitches like taking my housemate's keys with me and having to head back to drop them off and also having to head to Ryan's place to pick up his favorite pair of jeans, I mean, you can not go and watch Kylie without wearing your favorite pair of jeans. Eventually headed to where Kylie was staying and due to perform at Sun City.

The plan was to start lining up as early as possible but because it was a Friday and most people could probably not get off work we were able to enjoy drinks and catch up with mates and we were still able to get super close to the stage and see Kylie up close and personal. Many were speculating that the songstress had lost the power of her voice but I strongly disagree.

The show was amazing and with the compliments people were giving after the show it just proves that she delivered, and she delivered well!

This was one weekend I will never forget. Many stating that they have now lived, they have seen there idol and need no more...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Aging And Your Mature Skin

Karel has kindly provided us with another article on skin care, and this article I find particularly useful and interesting when it comes to daily cleansing and then the part on facial excercises. You can visit Karel’s site at www.skincarekdl.com or email him on sales@skincarekdl.com.

Aging is part of life. By embracing and learning how to take care of your skin, you can have healthy, vibrant skin – skin that leaves people wondering how many years “young” you are.

As you approach mid-life, your skin care routine should centre on preventing further sun damage and replenishing moisture, which your skin has naturally.  Lack of moisture is one of the main characteristics of mature skin as well as the vitamin and mineral contents of the skin are altered resulting in those unwanted ugly wrinkles and a thinner skin.

1.     Wear sunscreen (SPF 30) every day. Sunscreen does more than prevent sunburn.  Daily use of sunscreen throughout your life can reduce signs of aging such as age spots and fine lines as well as significantly decrease your risk of developing skin cancer.
2.     Change your skincare products.  Products that worked in your teens may not be suitable in your 40’s and 50’s.  Deodorant, soaps, alcohol-based toners, and products than contain fragrance can leave mature skin feeling irritated and dry.
3.     Give your skin what it needs.  A product that contains alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) can help remove the dead outer layers of skin, leaving your face with a fresh, younger appearance.  Hyaluronic Acid, called “the fountain of youth”; a natural substance found within your body, and used by dermatologist and aesthetic doctors in derma fillers, does wonders to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles (Anti Age cream by Karl de L’Eau Natural Skincare).
4.     Moisturise.  Oil production in the skin diminishes in our 40s, so it is important to moisturize if your skin feels dry.  The best time to moisturize is right after bathing. I highly recommend the (Day moisturiser and Evening Moisturiser by Karl de L’Eau Natural Skincare)
If your skin still feels dry with regular moisturizing after bathing, apply natural 100% Emu oil by Karl de L’Eau Natural Skincare. Emu oil is high in omega 3, 6, 7, 9 essential fatty acids, rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, does not clog your pores and contains high anti-aging and anti-inflammatory ingredients.
5.     Manage stress.  It is important to effectively manage stress.  Chronic stress can wreak havoc on your skin.  Stress causes the body to produce more of the stress hormone cortisol.  As cortisol levels rise, oil production increases. This can lead to oily skin, acne, and related skin problems as well as developing skin cancer.
6.     Get regular skin cancer exams.  The risk of developing skin cancer increases as we age.  Dermatologists encourage regular skin cancer examinations, which can help detect skin cancer early.  With early detection and proper treatment, the cure rate for skin cancer averages 95%.
7.     General skin care routine.  The general skin care routine of cleansing, exfoliating with a very gentle exfoliator, toning, moisturise  and sunscreen still applies.

Facial exercises to help reduce wrinkles
Exercising is not jut for six pack abs and rock hard things. You don’t have to go to the gym, you can do these in the office or while watching your favourite movie. Follow these easy facial exercises and you will be amazed by the results!

Facial exercises involve pulling, stretching and creating variations to your usual facial expressions.  Since facial muscles have little or limited range of motion throughout the day, you will need to set aside time to work the muscles.  In addition to helping reduce facial wrinkles, facial exercises can be relaxing and help alleviate stress, so give it a try.

·      Forehead exercise. If you are a person who frowns daily or if you have a habit of raising your eyebrows often, you will eventually develop forehead wrinkles.  The best facial exercise for the forehead is to place your index fingers down while simultaneously fighting it by raising the eyebrows.  Repeat at least 10 times. This exercise should pull your forehead skin up and down at the same time and help remove the wrinkles.

·      Crows feet and eye wrinkles.  With your eyes closed firmly, raise your eyebrows.  Hold the position for 3 seconds and then rest.  Repeat at least 10 times.

·       Mouth area.  Lift your head high by elongating your neck like a giraffe would.  Place your index finger and thumb on your neck and gently resist the force by pulling the skin around the neck area down. Repeat at east 10 times. Another exercise for your chin involves gently tapping the area under your chin.  Use the back of your hand with palm facing downward and gently tap the area.  Repeat 10 times.