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Monday, July 18, 2011


(Pictures: Adeline Mocke and myself with some of the BURN THE FLOOR cast members)

Whaaaat a super show Burn The Floor was! Currently showing at the Johannesburg Nelson Mandela Theatre.

We were invited to the opening of Burn The Floor this passed Sunday and as I know Ryan loves dance and used to be a dancer himself I knew he would enjoy this show!

With an international cast consisting of 24 members and a live band and live vocals, the show started off with a bang! The energy that was received by the dancers was phenomenal!

The Waltz! The Fox Trot! The Tango! The Quickstep! The Cha Cha! The Samba! And The Ramba! Were some of the dances that they performed for the evening! All fueled with energy and emotion and I must admit that the sexual energy that one gets from the show is something else!

Each BURN THE FLOOR dancer has spent a lifetime training to compete against other dance couples. This show allows the dancers to demonstrate their love and passion for their art.

This is a definitely must see! They are here for 4 weeks and are only to be seen at the Johannesburg Theatre! Even if I lived outside of Gauteng, I would still make efforts to see the show!

We are going to watch it again and are taking friends and family with next time to experience it with us.


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