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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cleo, Taboo, a Move and Feeling Under The Weather...

I am feeling super under the weather with this cold that I have picked up, if only the person who carried it onto Ryan at work just stayed home, quite selfish of her if you ask me, but I guess most of us are all over worked and have commitments to follow thru on, so I will blame it on the corporates!

Anyway, this week sees me studying for a finance test I have on Thursday, nothing too hetic and I have grasped the concepts quite well, so I am not too worried.

This past weekend saw the birthday of Chris Coutroulis at Taboo, who is the owner of the venue. I was lucky enough to be included as part of the entertainment and a show which saw some hot bronzed up male models (yeah yeah, the eye makeup was a tad bit too much) carrying some hot female models thru the packed club showing off some awesome shoe designs. Afterwards it was party time. I believe it was one of Taboo’s biggest nights, loaded with celebrities and socialites and performances by Goodluck and First Project.

Last week we shot the November issue of the Cleo magazine for the Cleo bachelor of the year comp at a venue in Johannesburg CBD. I must admit driving thru the city was a bit nerve wrecking for me, however once I had arrived and met some of the other guys the nerves subsided.

I got to work with photographer Fiona Royds again, which was brilliant. She got me standing on the highest part of the building on the roof posing for what looks like some awesome shots!

We also did interviews with the magazine’s journalists as well as for ETV’s Sistahood show which will air on the 1st of October, should they choose my insert or at least part of it.

Well, here is to getting better soon! Hopefully before this weekend! I am moving to a new place closer to Uni and will need the energy!

Have a good one peeps! x

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