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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The opening of Privilege Nightclub in Fourways, Johannesburg

Friday the 5th of August saw the opening of the new gay club Privilege in Fourways, Johannesburg which is located on the corner of Witkoppen and Nerine roads. With Risque now being closed, the partygoers of Fourways needed a new venue to venture to on a Friday evening.

Ryan and myself arrived at the club at about 11pm to find the place packed and pumping with music. The club has a stylish interior with great lighting and great seating around the venue.

Erica Elle played an awesome set a bit later on into the evening and I must admit that I have not really enjoyed a club’s dance floor as much in a while. One thing that could probably be changed are the white spotlights which every so often shine straight into your eyes.

The night’s dancers were placed on a step which you had to use to get to and from the bar. I still prefer dancers to be placed on a stage or podium.

With it being the opening night of the club I would have expected at least one or two extra barmen behind the bar, but nonetheless the barmen were on top form and handled the masses quite well. Drinks were priced at market price, so no complaints there.

I did not find anything special about the VIP area, the floor was incredibly sticky which just made it uncomfortable standing on.

My number one problem with clubs are the toilets, any club should take care of their toilets throughout the evening ensuring that they are kept clean and tidy and as strange as this might sound the toilets need to be welcoming. The toilets are still part of a club and one should feel comfortable using them, nonetheless it is still work in progress.

Overall I think this is a great club and a definite place to visit on a Friday evening if your in the area and keen for a good night out with great music, an awesome vibe and a layout which is perfect for a gay club.

I am pretty sure the club will do well into the future provided they keep their entertainment on top form and introduce some cool attractions and perhaps some cool drink specials.

Tip: Watch your alcohol intake before heading to the club and while at the club as roadblocks on Witkoppen, which is the main road one uses to get to the venue are quite rife!

I look forward to heading there again in the future.

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