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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New place and working hard!

Wow! I have not been on here for ages! Need to start learning how to blog from my phone!

I am all settled into my new place in Johannesburg and am loving it! I feel at one with myself… haha!
So I am back in gym after having the flu as well, all going well! I got the Cleo bachelor comp and the rapport shoot to look forward to and am ensuring that my body is in tip top condition!

This past week I had the opportunity of going into The Melrose Aesthetics Centre in Johannesburg to have a facial done, a very light peel in order to see what the condition is of my skin at the moment.

As I will be returning to them in a few weeks time I thought I would document my progress as I go along and share my thoughts and experiences with you.

First of all I must admit that as a teenager I used to battle with acne quite a bit, actually that is an understatement! Only now really, for the last year or so has my skin been getting better, however there is some sun damage, light scarring from previous acne and a couple of light blemishes which need fixing. I have also made the decision to visit The Melrose Aesthetics Centre on a regular basis as I would like to keep my skin under check, ensure that it remains youthful and healthy and to do what I can to prevent premature aging.

This is obviously something that one does over time and something that should become part of your lifestyle and you obviously need to listen and do what the professionals tell you to do!

After my treatment this past week my skin felt clean, smooth and fresh. The treatment unclogged my pores and got rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenated my facial skin. It was a little red after the treatment but I was still able to head out to an event later that evening. You can almost immediately see an improvement in your skin that just gets better as the days progress.

I am heading back to The Melrose Aesthetics Centre again sometime this month to go for a BBL treatment that involves laser therapy. This will assist with the light scarring and blemishes as well as the sun damage, which will prevent premature aging of the skin, I hope! :0) I will keep you guys posted on that as well!

Here is to healthy skin!

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