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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Be lifted charity lunch and fashion show, 5 October 2011

I try and accommodate as many requests as possible for charities and when doing so I really put some thought into what I am actually supporting and what I am offering my time up for.

This week I offered up some of my time to a charity called ’Be Lifted’. The campaign aims to endorse the importance of mental health for all South Africans. The campaign was generously funded and made possible by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.

Rachel Tambo and celebrity friends all got together for a Champagne Breakfast and a fashion show by Jan Malan featuring top designers at the magical Shepstone Gardens in Johannesburg on the 5th of October 2011.

It was great to see PJ Powers perform her new song called ‘lifted’ with all proceeds from the sale of the single going to the charity as well as all funds raised at the lunch.

I look forward to my next charity event.

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