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Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Thineers Dental Procedure



A few weeks ago I made the decision to undergo a Thineers (Ultra Thin Veneers) dental procedure.  In a nutshell, Thineers is simply a permanent and painless way to a perfect smile.

Although I quite liked my smile the way it was, my teeth were slightly discolored and there was a small gap between my two front teeth, which made me a bit self-conscious.

Working in the entertainment industry, it is very important to be confident at all times, especially when smiling! After having the Thineers fitted, I am certainly boasting more confidence and kind of just want to smile all the time :0)

I decided on Thineers specifically because it is a much easier solution than getting veneers.

Only two very short consultations are necessary.  During the first consultation, which is about half an hour, Dr Wasserman takes the impression of your top teeth over which he will fit the Thineers.  The production of the Thineers is very quick and a week later the placement can be done.  The second consultation, during which he fits the Thineers, only takes about 40 minutes.

The nice thing about this procedure is that there is no filing or grinding of your own teeth.  So, you keep your original teeth and the Thineers are simply fitted over.  So there is no pain and no discomfort!

Doctor Wasserman gave me some advice afterwards to ensure that I maintain my new smile and keep my pearly whites whiter than ever, also keeping in mind that my thineers cannot discolor at all.

If you’re interested in having this procedure done, you can call Dr Wasserman’s practice on 083 239 6510 or send an e-mail to info@thineers.co.za



  1. Hi Tyrone, your teeth look fantastic! Where is Dr Wasserman situated?

    I am in Cape Town, so hopefully he is nearby!

    Regards: Steve

    Regards: Stevei

    1. Hi Steve! Glad you like them. Dr Wasserman is situated in Melrose Arch in Johannesburg unfortunately, but I am pretty sure there are places in CT that do this...

  2. Hi Tyrone

    if I may ask you, how much did it cost?