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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Exam Time!

This morning marks the start of my exams, which will also see the end of my first year working towards my BA degree in Marketing at VEGA.

So far so good, I am writing Finance today, in about an hour to be precise and spent most of the day yesterday and the day before preparing for the exam. Of course this morning I woke up feeling tired as hell, but hey, it is nearly over… Then I got my Critical Studies exam on Friday, so the studying does not end. A typical day for me at the moment consists out of getting up, showering, hitting the books, taking a break to gym and hitting the books again, not very exciting at all!

This Friday, Ryan and I will be heading to the movies with a couple of friends to watch Breaking Dawn, I have never really been a fan, but it sounds like it should be pretty good.

My birthday is also coming up on the 16th of December and the plan is just to be really chilled, the plan for the whole of December is to be really chilled, we might do some traveling, but at the moment I am not too sure… :0)

Yesterday I got a call after entering a competition online while voting for Ryan for Face Of Markham and was told that I had won a Samsung Gio mobile phone, it was only released in March, so that is pretty cool, they deliver it this week. I am not too sure what I am going to do with it, but will see…

I should be picking up the pics from this past Saturday’s shoot with Roman Handt, I am really looking forward to seeing them as they looked super while we were shooting! And it was a very fun shoot to do with a whole bunch of great people!

Oki doki! I am off to write my exam now, then hitting the shops and gym, then more studying!

Till laters…!

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