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Monday, January 9, 2012

Bullies! Give it a break!

I am so sick and tired of bullies, and also the people who do not take a stand. I mean, this is something that goes on and on and on and on and in most cases people just turn a blind eye.

I have received countless emails over the years from individuals who have to deal with being bullied on a daily basis, some of these individuals threatening suicide.

People who have to deal with bullies all the time post videos on youtube; the emotional torment that these people go thru is indescribable.

As some of you might know from a couple of posts a few years back I was also subjected to the act of bullying, I used to get teased left, rite and centre, called a gay, homo and fag and bore the brunt of many jokes. Remember, I was that skinny little white boy with big batty ears that battled to fit in socially.

Bullies usually have a poor and unhealthy up bringing, they are usually neglected and not given enough love and support from their families. Bullies usually attack people on an emotional level because they lack self-respect, discipline and most likely see themselves in their ‘prey’.

If you are a bully, turn the tables… Imagine what it feels like being tripped or chanted at on a daily basis, imagine dreading going to any social event or even school and work every day, imagine being anxious around other people all the time! Imagine the feeling of your pride being ripped away at every opportunity that is at hand for a bully to get to you.

Not a cool thing to imagine? Rite? Then why do it to others?

If you are a parent of a bully… Imagine that it is your child being bullied, imagine that their voice is taken away on a daily basis, that they are forced to climb into an emotional dark hole that takes years and years of soul searching to get out of. Imagine that your child’s learning is stumped because of the abusive acts of another individual, another individual that really just needs to be taken in and given love.

Not a cool thing to imagine? Rite? Then why not do something about your bully child?

To the bullies, give it up! Socially you are not respected and usually you end up battling in life. Make peace with yourself, get over your issues, make peace with the ones you bully, I can assure you now that you will live a more happy and peaceful life.

To the ones who are bullied, remember that you are who you, you are the best and always put yourself first, no matter what! Don’t let the idiots get to you, might it be rumors or talking behind your back or being shunted from a social circle, you are better than that and you will end up tops!

Bullying is for losers!


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