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Saturday, January 14, 2012

T-Shirt by Designer Andrew Christian

Here is a T-shirt I have fallen in love with very quickly...

Seen in the picture above I am wearing a design by Andrew Christian who is a designer based in the USA and has had his clothing line since 2001. I have to say that the fit and comfort is perfectly in line with what I look for in a T-shirt.

This is a medium sized T-shirt which is not too tight around my waist, sometimes I prefer it this way, but it also depends on the material used. I also love my low V-necks, and as you can see this T-shirt is exactly that and the fit around the arms is nice and snug.

Andrew Christian is mainly known for his underwear and swimwear designs as well as regular lines which are more 'sporty'. He has also launched a line called 'Black by Andrew Christian' which includes button downs and vests.

And keeping in check with environmentalists he has also got two eco-friendly lines called 'Bamboo Fiber' and 'Organic Cotton' and for the peeps who are looking for butt-lifting underwear he has 'Flashback' and 'WonderWear' for men and women.

Check out some more of his designs which can be bought online:

You can also find Andrew Christian designs locally in South Africa, check out:
Peeping Tom

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