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Monday, March 5, 2012

Ecos, Chakras and New Apartment...

So I opened up my economics manual today to start working on the brain builders, and fark me! Ecos is no joke this year… Anyway, decided to procrastinate for now and write a blog :0)

Today was our hand in for our creative assignment (Much better than doing economics). Above is a pic of the one piece I did.

Ryan and myself worked on it over the weekend, it has been created using the long exposure photography technique and displays where our chakras are located in our bodies and their colors.

Hitting the gym today was also no fun, considering their aircons and water supplies were down, pretty much cut my workout short and headed home, to work on my economics, which now I am clearly not doing… Going to have to get back to that…

Another thing I cannot get off my mind is moving into our new place, we found an amazing apartment pretty central to everything. Some of the weekend was also dedicated to looking for furniture for the new place.

It is an old block that has been maintained really well and renovated over time, still keeping some of the original features such as the high ceilings, loads of light and wooden floors. We should be moving in already in April!

It is also scary to think that we are already in the 3rd month of the year, about 4 weeks left till my next holiday, which also means that there is less time till tests start… Eish…

Anyhow, let me sign off and hit these ecos books! Hope you all have a super week!

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