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Friday, March 30, 2012

Take it or leave it, it works for me, might not work for you… Training Advice

Please remember that I am not a boffin when it comes to training, but I do enjoy sharing my routines and what I do and what works for me…

Most peeps that are bulking up and wanting to put on more muscle usually train using heavy weights and doing low reps; you should see results provided you do this with a good diet, well a good diet is always paramount.

However, you might find yourself at a stage where your not seeing any more results or you are not making anymore progress, well, this is the situation I found myself in and after taking some of Ryan’s advice I started to see progress and results again, and even better results than before.

All I did was change my training routine to lighter weights and more reps… Now yes, people would say that this will just tone you and some may argue that it is utter nonsense, but it worked for me, and I also started seeing more muscle gains.

I have been doing this for about half a year now, and am now starting to get back into training with heavier weights and less reps again, and the results and my body’s response is even more impressive than before.

I am not too sure what the science is behind this, I would advise that you do some of your own research before… Here are a few sites I checked out:

www.musculardevelopment.com highlights that high rep training could be great for stimulating muscle growth, there is an increase in blood flow which enhances nutrient delivery and causes a massive increases in nitric oxide and greater muscle pumps, which stimulate muscle growth, i.e. the 50 rep squats to blast leg muscle.

Other articles you can check out:

The reason it worked for me might have been the fact that I already had a good base to start off from, and had been training with heavy weights and low reps before, thus when changing my routine I confused my body, meaning it was not used to the training and responded accordingly, and now when changing back to doing heavy weights and low reps again, once again, it has now gotten used to doing light weights and high reps and now needs to adjust back to the old routine, and now providing even better results.

I don’t know, maybe I am talking shit, but hey, it worked for me, might not work for you, take it or leave it.


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