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Friday, April 20, 2012

All good things...

Wow! I have not been on my blog for a while, think it is time for another post :0)

So we have moved into our new place, loving the area and the apartment. It is work in progress but we are all settled in and the place looks amazing! We most definitely struck gold with the place, it is one of those old apartments with the original wooden floors and high ceilings and massive rooms!

Living in the Illovo area feels like living in London, love the fact that everything is so central, Babylon bar is just a walk down the road, now this could spell DANGER! lol

So what has been happening besides the move?  Well studies have been keeping me busy, worked on assignments for most of the two week holiday and now we are also in our test period, so hitting the books is what I am mostly doing now.

Besides that, I had a fantastic shoot for PHD underwear with photographer Karl Van Heerden. I will be teaming up with the new brand that launched in South Africa this past December. I can not wait to share the pics! Keep a look out!

I also had a cover shoot for the online magazine, SupermodelsSA, and did an editorial piece for them. I will post the link for the May edition as soon as it is up!

Hush nightclub was insane last night, it really does have some good vibes and the people are great!

Anyways, so that was a quick update, shall post some pics from the shoot soon!

Above is a pic of our new living room :0)


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