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Friday, June 1, 2012

Summin a little more UbBeat!

So after my post about Virgin active I think it is needed to post something a bit more uplifting with a bit more of a 'feel good mood', also especially after the week I have had.

With being on set for hours and hours and the assignment hand ins for VEGA I have actually not had a lot of time to myself, which I now find I am craving, it seems to be that I am that type of person that enjoys alone time, quality time and me time...

Anyways, with that said, it has been fun!

This week I worked on a magazine as one of my assignments, all based on Richard Branson and leadership, it was the first time doing my own magazine, and it came out quite nicely... It was handed in today, so we shall see what my lecturers think.

Our exams start in the next two weeks, and we kick off with my most hated subject, economics! I shall be spending my spare time on set studying!

While shooting yesterday I was booked to do a quick photo shoot for a show coming to our stages in October at the Nelson Mandela theatre in JHB, called Le Noir, it was pretty cool, I got to act like an acrobatic for an hour, we got some amazing fitness shots, I shall see if I can get my hands on one or two of them :0)

Anyways, I hope you guys have a super weekend! I shall be taking it as easy as possible, doing an awesome shoot for PhD underwear on Sunday at the Radison Blu hotel and got a cool meeting tomorrow that I shall let you all in on when the time is rite...

Ps. If you have not yet, get your hands on the latest issues of HEAT magazine and Superbike ;0)

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