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Monday, August 6, 2012

Ryan’s 31st birthday and our housewarming

Ryan, James, Ernst, Debbie, Myself and Andy

Specially made Gluwein

Arrival Champagne made by Rahb

From sporting Craig Port underwear and swimwear on the ramp to hosting a party for Ryan’s 31st and our housewarming, I have to admit it was a super busy weekend this past weekend, filled with good company and some awesome moments.

My weekend kicked off with a fashion show for Craig Port underwear on Friday or Saturday morning at 1am rather, the evening was hosted at Hush nightclub, which I always enjoy going to, the peeps are super friendly! I only managed to get into bed after 3am, so waking up at 6am and wishing Ryan a happy birthday and cooking breakfast was not easy.

Preparations for the evening’s gathering at the house started shortly after Ryan and I got back from visiting his parents; we headed off to the bottle store to stock up on alcohol and get glasses and I needed to get the ingredients for that all special Gluwein that I made for the guests.

Rahb, Ryan and I spent the rest of the afternoon prepping with a nap inbetween, and it was all worth it! Fun was had by all who attended, arrival champagne and Gluwein kept flowing and keeping in theme with ‘junketing’ as we called the party, we all took a stroll to Babylon Bar, which is literally 2 minutes from where we live to have a bit of a dance.

Cannot wait to have another one! Haha! :0) Above are some pics from the party.

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