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Monday, November 5, 2012

Inside Out

Photography by Timothy Gerges
Art Work by Jacques Mollentze

I am a friendly, outgoing and a social person, I have faith in life and faith in those around me and I love unconditionally. I am ambitious, aspiring, motivated, happy and humble. I am gay, but that does not define me. This year has been one of exploring my spiritual side becoming more free spirited.

I enjoy the excitement of living and experiencing life, I accept those around me for who they are, most of the times I take on too much in life. I prefer to forgive and forget rather than to hold onto grudges. I believe that the challenges that we experience in life are only there to prepare us for the future and make us stronger and most importantly, I believe that where we are in life is where we are meant to be now.

Sometimes one needs to slow down and take a moment to realize what you have. Look at life from a different perspective and see it from some one elses point of view. People come into our lives for a reason, some stay and some go. The challenges that I have been experiencing are here to only make me stronger as a person.

People have come and gone, some are here to stay and some may leave, but they all have a contribution to who and where we are today. With these people I have experienced life challenges, these challenges have only been there to make me stronger as a person, bringing me to where I am today, to where I am mean to be.

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.

All the challenges that we experience in life are there to make us stronger and build us up, to prepare us for what is still to come, without these challenges we cannot progress through life and become who we are meant to become.


  1. Amazing how someones hurt can become another persons artwork! A very profound post, but sometimes not dealing with your emotions can hurt others, and not being honest with yourself and others can make every word feel insignificant compared to the emotional hurt! I commend you for this honesty, but letting go is part of the process of growing up and staying true to the people in your life won't cause pain in yourself, or theirs. Respect, Love, Honesty to you.

  2. If only my anxiety and damage was so beautifully packaged.